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21st June 2024


Willow: Arabella

Elm: Violet

Ash: Matthew

Maple: Brooke

Beech: Tilly

Sycamore: Ugochi

14th June 2024


Willow: Iyla-Marie

Elm: Jude

Ash: Freddie H

Maple: Poppy

Beech: Kian

Sycamore:  Azealia

Oak: John

7th June 2024


Willow: Whole class

Elm: Meadow

Ash: Frankie A

Maple: Denny

Beech: George G

Sycamore:  Henry

Oak: Oliver

24th May 2024


Willow: Andrea

Elm: Elm Class

Ash: Asmin

Maple: Thea

Beech: Harry C

Sycamore:  Lily

Oak: Hassan

17th May 2024


Willow: Jack

Elm: Maddison

Ash: Darisimi

Maple: Jase

Beech: Freya

Sycamore:  Zach G

Oak: Charlie-John

10th May 2024


Elm: Austin

Ash: Mia

Maple: Chester

Beech: Hannah

Sycamore: Billie

Oak: Harrison

3rd May 2024

Willow: Noah C

Elm: Jacob B

Ash: Marcel

Maple: Sienna

Beech: Tilly

Sycamore: Dais

Oak: Nicole

26th April 2024

Willow: Kodi

Elm: Magenta

Ash: Darcy 

Maple: Jessica

Beech: Chib

Sycamore: Penelope

Oak: Denice



Willow: Avery

Elm: Archie

Ash: Ayana

Maple: Max

Beech: Kaleb

Sycamore: Alana

Oak: Jack


Willow: Ben

Elm: Elijah

Ash: Poppy

Maple: Jessica

Beech: Freddie

Sycamore: Lily

Oak: Whole Class


Willow: Owen

Elm: Albert

Ash: Darcie J

Maple: Jack

Beech: Rudi

Sycamore: Leon

Oak:  Jessica


Willow: Jess

Elm: Alessia

Ash: Momo

Maple: Sienna



Oak:  Riley


Willow: Nellie-Rose

Elm: Hannah

Ash: Frankie

Maple: Abigail

Beech: Adriana

Sycamore: Alice

Oak:  Joe


Willow: Theo

Elm: Isla

Ash: Gregory

Maple: Louie

Beech: Korede

Sycamore: Isabelle L

Oak: Jesse


Willow: CJ

Elm: Delilah 

Ash: Sophia

Maple: Coby

Beech: Edith

Sycamore: Sophie

Oak: Joshua


Willow: Alfie 

Elm: Jacob P

Ash: Francesca

Maple: Ruby

Beech: Maddison

Sycamore: Bastian

Oak: Reuben


Willow: Bella

Elm: Jodi

Ash: Olivia

Maple: Oscar

Beech: Elsie-May

Sycamore: Ryan

Oak: April


Willow: Logan

Elm: Reid

Ash: Freddie M

Maple: Brooke

Beech: Elsie

Sycamore: Rosie

Oak: Isabell


Willow: Rosie

Elm: Albert

Ash: Eden

Maple: Daphne

Beech: Luke

Sycamore: Aimee

Oak: Lewis

Willow: Lily

Elm: Radley

Ash: Alicia

Maple: Essie

Beech: Freya 

Sycamore: Zach A

Oak: James

Willow: Whole Class

Elm: Whole Class

Ash: Albie

Maple: Denny

Beech: Adriana

Sycamore: Freya

Oak: Harrison

Willow: Jessica

Elm: Maddison

Ash: Xavier

Maple: Sylvia-Rose

Beech: Phoebe-Lee

Sycamore: Amelie

Oak: Jack

Willow: Tommy

Elm: Harry


Maple: Jase

Beech: Harry

Sycamore: Paige

Oak: Emma

24th November 2023

Willow: Owen

Elm: Violet

Ash: Amelia

Maple: Tommy

Beech: Theodore

Sycamore: Azealua

Oak: Jessica

17th November 2023

Willow: Avery

Elm: Arthur

Ash: Noah

Maple: Kelsey

Beech: Henry 

Sycamore: Olivia

Oak: Donte

This week we are proud of…

Willow: Molly

Elm: Isla

Ash: Bobby

Maple: Fred

Beech: Tailie-Mae

Sycamore: Daniel

Oak: Conor

This week we are proud of…

Willow: Albie

Elm: Alessia

Ash: Blue-Belle

Maple: Jayke

Beech: Hannah

Sycamore: Isabelle

Oak: Luke

20th October 2023
This week we are proud of…

Willow: Jax

Elm: Elijah

Ash: Arya

Maple: Evelyn

Beech: Billy

Sycamore: Megan

Oak: Makaita

This week we are proud of 

Willow - Noah B
Elm- Kiah

Ash- Jaxson

Maple- Aidan

Beech- Elsee

Sycamore- Rylee

Oak - Ollie

This week we are proud of 

Willow - Anna
Elm- Poppy

Ash- Freddie H

Maple- Daphne

Beech- Poppy

Sycamore- Louie

Oak - All of Oak class

This week we are proud of 

Elm- Amir

Ash- Matthew

Maple- Thea

Beech- George B

Sycamore- Havana

Oak - John

This week we are proud of 

Elm- Armani

Ash- Tyler

Maple- Ellie-Rose

Beech- George F

Sycamore- Caleb

Oak - Amelia

This week we are proud of 

Elm- Kiki

Ash- Daisy

Maple- Alfie

Beech- Mayo

Sycamore- Emma

Oak - Jorgie

This week we are proud of 

Elm- Kade

Ash- Mariel

Maple- Kaisen

Beech- Crystal

Sycamore- Max

Oak - Reggie

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EYFS/KS1 - Andrea

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EYFS/KS1- Owen

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EYFS/KS1 - Harry

KS2 - Oliver

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