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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Headteacher: Mrs Jarvis    
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Kember    
SENCo: Mrs Kane (role currently being undertaken by Mrs Kember and Mrs Jarvis)    

School Office


Mrs Mead    
Finance Oficer: Mrs Moyler    
Teaching Staff Teaching Assistants    
Miss Palmer (Y6) Mrs Stott (Y6)

Speech and

Language Support:

Mrs Arajs

Mrs Plumb (Y5)

Miss Warburton (Y5)

Mrs Howell (Y5)


Mrs Kane and

Mrs Dunwell (Y4)


Mrs Bubb (Y4)

Caretaker: Mr Eastwood

Mrs Scanlon (Y3)


Mrs Fowler (Y3)    
Mrs Everest (Y2) Ms Cherry (Y2) ICT Technician: Mr Davies
Miss Bassett (Y1)

Mrs Hughes (Y1)


Mrs Bennett (FS)

Mrs Fitzpatrick (FS)  
Mrs Luscombe (FS)


Club Staff:

Mrs Arajs

Mrs Rose

  Mrs Ells (FS)  


Lunchtime Play Leaders: Mrs Page Mrs West  
  Miss Nightingale Mrs Rose