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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Headteacher:Mrs Jarvis  
Deputy Headteacher:Mrs Kember  
SENCo:Mrs Le Mar  

School Office


Mrs Mead  
Finance Officer:Mrs Moyler  
Administrative Assistant:Mrs Smith  
Teaching StaffTeaching Assistants  
Mrs Scanlon (Y6)

Mrs Fowler (Y6)

Speech and

Language Support:

Mrs Arajs


Mrs Plumb (Y5)


Miss Warburton (Y5)



Mrs Everest (Y4)


Miss Jarvis (Y4)

Caretaker:Mr Eastwood


Miss Palmer (Y3)


Mrs Stott (Y3)Cleaners:

Mrs Bushall

Mrs Horden

Miss Scanlon (Y2)

Ms Cherry (Y2)

Mrs Ells (Y2)

Mrs Howell (Y2)

Mrs Bennett (Y1)


Mrs Hughes (Y1)


Miss Skoll (FS)

Mrs Fitzpatrick (FS)  
Mrs Luscombe (FS)


Club Staff:

Mrs Arajs

Miss Jarvis



Lunchtime Play Leaders:Mrs PageMrs Smith 
 Miss NightingaleMiss Jarvis