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After half term Mrs Kember and I will be starting a Year 2 Handwriting Club.

It will be at lunchtime for 20 minutes on a Wednesday. There will be approximately 15 spaces available - this is in addition to the weekly handwriting lesson in class and daily handwriting practise for morning work.

If you know your child struggles with...

Forming all letters accurately

Keeping letters on the line 

Keeping letters a consistent size

Continuous Cursive handwriting 


Please encourage them to volunteer to come to handwriting club. 

If you would like any extra handwriting support for practising at home, please do let me know. 

Thank you 

Miss Scanlon


In School Trip - Thursday 10th October 2019 

A letter about our Hansel and Gretel day will be sent home this afternoon, please complete the consent form as soon as possible and return by Tuesday 8th October at the latest. 

Thank you, Miss Scanlon 





A polite reminder that is it essential your child's earrings are removed for PE on a Wednesday and Friday. If they are not removed your child will not be able to join in with our PE lesson. 






It is really important that the children are reading a minimum of 3 nights a week, preferably every night for 5-10 minutes. They do not need to complete the entire book each night, just a couple of pages and discussion about what has happened so far. This will massively improve your child's fluency and understanding of the text/story that they are reading. 

These skills are crucial for your child to be age expected in Year 2 due to the level of reading comprehension required in the KS1 SATS. 

Also for every 5 home reads (not 5 books just 5 times they read at home) children get a raffle ticket, which will enter them into a competition at the end of the term to win a prize. The children will also receive reading certificates when they hit milestones of 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 home reads.