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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.


Registration for the Medway Test (2020 admissions) opens: 9am, Monday 3 June 2019

Registration for the Medway Test (2020 admissions) closes: 5pm, Monday 1 July 201 

Before you register we strongly advise you discuss with your child's class teacher or Headteacher whether the Medway Test and grammar school is right for them.

We don't recommend children are registered for the Medway Test if they're not working at or above expected levels for their age.


  • The Medway Test is for Medway grammar schools only.
  • If you live in Medway but you're considering grammar schools in another area, for example Kent, your child will need to take their test. Contact the relevant local authority for more information.
  • If you live outside of Medway, but are considering Medway grammar schools you need to register your child for the Medway Test.
  • Passing the Medway Test doesn’t guarantee your child will be offered a place in a Medway grammar school. Make sure you read and understand the oversubscription criteria for each of the schools you're applying for.
  • If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or a statement of special educational needs they can still sit the Medway Test and you must register in the same way as everyone else.
  • If your child needs special arrangements to sit the test, for example because they have a disability, you need to ask their school to submit a request to us by Monday 8 July 2019.
    Details can be found at

The PowerPoint below includes information regarding the parent presentations for secondary admission process for 2020

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