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Our Topic this term is ...


RMS Titanic



This term we will be learning about the RMS Titanic. We will be reading 'The Titanic Detective Agency' book in English and using this for our writing. In topic we will be learning about the events that lead up to the sinking, locating the route, looking at iceberg formation and other topics.

Our Topic this term is ...




This term we will be learning all about our Solar System. We have two new books to accompany our topic 'Jamie Drake Equation' and 'Hidden Figures' and these will be used for our writing. The children will get to experience sitting inside a Planetarium and seeing the Solar System projected onto its roof. We will also be looking at space as part of our Science although this will involve more about the Earth, Sun and Moon. 

Our Topic this term is …



This term our topic is Coasts. We will be reading the picture book ‘The secret of Black Rock’ in English and basing our writing around that text. We will be looking at the features of coasts, erosion and the human and physical features of a South-East coastal town. 

Our topic this term is …




This term we will be looking at deforestation, animals, biomes and the layers of a rainforest. We will be using ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ book in English for our creative writing. Our trip to London Zoo will help the children engage with this topic and see some of the rainforest animals in close proximity. 

Our Topic this term is ....




We Will be learning all about the Victorian Era. We will be using the book 'Street Child' in our English for our creative writing and in topic we will be making comparisons between school now and then, looking at work children did, the industrial revolution and some of the important inventions that came from that era. The children will also be going on their class trip to take part in some interesting workshops.


Our Topic this term is ....


Crime and Punishment


This term we will be using two books for our creative writing. We will use 'The Highwayman', which is a romantic ballard and narrative poem, by Alfred Noyes and 'Dick Turpin legends and lies' by Terry Deary. We will also be learning about how punishments for crimes have changed through the ages and all about Highwaymen.