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Maple – Year 3

Year 3 - Maple Class 2018


Welcome to our new Maple Class page.


I will be updating our page as often as I can to provide you with both essential information as well as pictures of work the children have been doing and activities they have been enjoying.


I am beginning to recognise some of your faces in the afternoons, but I am sure you will appreciate it takes time to become familiar with you all.


I am sure your child has told you that we have a class mascot, Penny a toy Westie, that they all have the opportunity to take home and record any events from their week (football matches, dancing, cubs, brownies, visiting relatives or just chilling in front of the TV) with Penny in the book. In addition, we also have a 'World News' book which the children can write about a piece of world or local news they feel is important (such as the whale in the Thames) during the week they have the book.


For me it is lovely to see what the children do out of school and with the 'World News' book I think it is important for the children to be encouraged to take an interest in the world around them and important events. These are both optional and the children volunteer to take them home, nevertheless I thank you for your support.



Grammar - A Parents' Guide

Greek Day


Year 3 had a fabulous day today - taking part in a variety of events.

This morning we took part in our very own 'Olympics' with the children trying out discus, javelin, relay races and 'chariot' racing (wheel-barrows to you and me!). 

After break they did some Greek Plate painting swiftly followed by decorating the Greek Clay Pots they made earlier in the term.

The afternoon was filled with using the Greek Alphabet to make their own bookmark and then the bit I think they all enjoyed - FOOD TASTING! 

I think they all looked fabulous in their costumes and thank you all for supporting our class term activity.