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Teamtheme Kent - Our School Sport Provider

In September 2023 we began working with Teamtheme Kent.


Teamtheme Kent is a sports education and youth development organisation that is passionate about encouraging, supporting and increasing children's participation in sporting activities. Put simply we want children moving more, learning applicable skills, developing confidence and having huge amounts of fun.


Coach Harrison comes into school every Thursday and works with pupils and staff to deliver exciting Forest School lessons and enthusiastic PE lessons. He also runs a fitness club at lunchtime and an after-school club. 


For more information, check out their website:



What do our pupils think of Teamtheme lessons?


What our pupils say they have enjoyed about Forest School:


Jase Y3 - "I've really enjoyed building the dead hedge fence around the pond." 


Daphne Y3 - "I've enjoyed den building. I like to pretend it's my front room. I liked making different decorations using sticks and stones." 


Azealia Y5 - "I love spending time outside and working with friends. It's good to get some fresh air. I also like that you can achieve certificates for showing the Teamtheme values." 


Daniel Y5 - "I have enjoyed learning how to tie different knots and then use these during Forest School to help build dens and swings." 


What our pupils say they have enjoyed about their PE lessons:


Jesse Y6 - "Coach Harrison is great. He is so enthusiastic and makes all of the lessons really fun!"


Emma Y6 - "I've really enjoyed rugby this term. I like attacking and learning different strategies to improve my game." 


Billy Y4 - "I've loved playing as part of a team and using Coach Harrison's 'pocket to rocket' strategy when playing Rugby."


Hannah Y4 - "I really like all the games that Coach Harrison gets us playing. They're all really fun!"