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Spelling Strategies 

Use Spelling Shed  

This is a brilliant website that your child has access to via their own log in which is in their reading record book. It allows the children to practice their spellings by playing a variety of games and recognising the spelling patterns.  


Look Cover Write Check  
Write your child’s spellings out in a list. Children look at each spelling, cover it up with another piece of paper or their hand, have a go at writing it out from memory and then check their answer. If children get it wrong they can then practise writing it out whilst looking at the word.  


Scribble Spellings 
Children use colouring pencils or pens to write out their spellings across a piece of paper. They can write their spellings diagonal, horizontal, vertical etc all around the page repeating this until their page is full.  


Speed Spellings 
How many times can your child write one of their spellings in 60 seconds? 
You can change the amount of time to suit you and your child. Focus on a different few of their spellings words each day or maybe all of them for 10 minutes a day.  


Rainbow Spellings 
Children copy out their spellings using coloured pens or pencils – changing the colour they use for each letter. 


Pyramid/Step Spellings 
Children write out their spellings one letter at a time, slowly building up their word.  
e.g. silent  



Spot the Mistake  
Write out your child’s spellings giving them one option that is spelt correctly and one that is incorrect. Ask them to circle or tick the correct spelling – they get to be the teacher! KS1 could just have 2 options to pick from for each spelling and KS2 could be challenged more with a variety of options.  
E.g. neccesarily, necessarily or necessariley