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Prayers and reflections

Willow Prayer

Dear God

Thank you for the whole world with all the trees and animals

Thank you for the stars and sky in space

Thank you for my friends and my family

Please keep them all safe and healthy.



by Grace

Elm class prayer

Dear God 

Thank you for our families and homes 

please help other people who don't have families and homes.


Ash Class Prayer


Dear God,

Thank you for this day. Thank you for my family and my friends. Thank you for the food we eat, for the trees, the sun and the rainbows.

Thank you for keeping me safe through the night and waking me with the morning light. I pray that you will be with me through the day; in my school work and during my playtime.

Help me Lord to love you more than I have ever loved before.


Maple class lunchtime prayer 


Bless us O Lord, as we sit together

Bless the food we eat today

Bless the hands that made the food

Bless us O Lord



Beech class


My family Prayer


Dear God

Thank you for giving us each other to love and care for

Thank you for our lovely warm home and it's beautiful garden

Thank you for the food we eat that helps keep us healthy and strong 

Thank you for the precious time we spend together making memories

Thank you for the different talents we have that make us unique and special

Thank you for our friends that make us laugh and comfort us when we are blue

Please God,look after our family and friends and those less fortunate then ourselves




by Isla 


Sycamore Class Easter Prayer


Thank you for the Easter Story, thank you for Jesus and when he rose from the dead. Please remind us that Easter isn't just about chocolate and bunnies, but it is about new life and Jesus dying to help us wash away our sins.

Help us to forgive others and help them to forgive us.

Thank you for Easter.




by Maisie