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Children will continue to be tested every Friday from 0 x all the way up to 12 x of the times table they are on. When the children move up a times table I will put a sticker into their blue contact book so that you are aware they are progressing. 



When your child moves up a times table, the first week's test will be in order (0 x 2 =, 1 x 2 =, 2 x 2 = etc) after that the tests will be mixed up (3 x 2 =, 7 x 2 =, 0 x 2 =) to ensure fluent and rapid recall of the multiplication facts. This will also be the same with division so 0 divided by 2, 2 divided by 2, 4 divided by 2 etc. 


We have seen a positive correlation between the children accessing TTRockstars at home and increased fluency and confidence with their times tables. 


Thank you for all of your support, 

Miss Reeves

5 Times Table Song

2 Times Table Song