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What teachers are about - by Ella (Yr4)


When I got home from school one day,

I sat on the sofa like you,

Then I wondered, what do teachers do?

Do they watch films and TV?

Or stay up all night and do things we don't know about?

Surely that can't happen, without a doubt,

Or maybe it just might,

Are they actually monsters?

Who knows? Not you or me,

Then suddenly I hear a voice,

Somebody shouts, I know what teachers are about,

They're like you and me, just ordinary,

They have great lives you know,

So now I know what teachers are about,

Maybe next I'll find out about students.

Singing and instrument playing with Mrs G T

Whole school - Paper planes

Still image for this video

Year 5 - Carols sung in the Cathedral

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Christingle Service 2019

Harvest Festival - October 2018