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Community Day 8th November

St Helen’s Church of England Primary School in Cliffe arranged a Community Day on Wednesday 8th November 2017. The aim of the day was to raise awareness of current jobs available to the children as well as building on aspirations for the future.

There were a number of visitors that came to the school; Fashion Designer, Dental Technician, Nurse, Fireman, Librarian, Personal Assistant, Sheltered Housing Manager, Beautician, Nuclear Safety Assessor.

The children asked the visitors questions about their jobs and how they came to choose this role. They also asked them questions about their best and worst experience, what training they had to complete and what they got paid!

Year 3 were surprised to find out that someone had to manage the sheltered house, but they didn’t want to have the job of a dental technician as, “you have to look at people’s dirty teeth and smelly breath every day.”

Year 5 were interested by the job of the Sheltered Housing Manager,

“She has to check the lights and the alarms, look after the building as well as the elderly. She also has to work over Christmas and doesn’t get much time off. But they do get to drink lots of tea and eat cake and biscuits!”

They were also interested in the Beautician, “it’s all about making the people happy while enjoying your job. You need to concentrate though because if you don’t do it well they won’t want to come back to you!”

On reflection, the children said that Community Day made them think about, “getting your head down in school if you need to go to university. You need to work hard and do it.”

Another Year 5 said that, “Community day made me not want to be silly in class so I can get a good degree.”

Other children made similar comments about, “improving handwriting, being kind to others and concentrating in class.