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We Are Proud Of ...


This week our Times Table Rockstars are:

Noah- Oak class

Phoebe- Beech class

Millie- Maple class

Sophie- Ash class

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This week we are proud of...

Emily- Oak class

Lilysue- Sycamore class

Piper- Beech class

Tom- Maple class

Ralph- Ash class

John- Elm class

Caleb- Willow class


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This week's times table rockstars are...

Taiya- Oak class

Darci- Sycamore class

Kegan- Beech class


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Welcome back to a new term! This week we are proud of:

Willow class- Daniel

Elm class- Leo

Ash class- Eleanor

Maple class- Millie

Beech class- Lily

Sycamore class- Elodie

Oak class- Aston

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Times Tables Rocks!


Well done Azy in Ash class for achieving the 'Rock Legend' status... and you're year 2!!! Fantastic effort!

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Headteacher awards


This term's awards go to Charlie-John in Elm class and George in Maple class

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This week we are proud of...

Devon- Oak class

Lennon- Sycamore class

Harry- Beech class

Amalie- Maple class

Grace- Ash class

Reuben- Elm class

Sophie- Willow class

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Well done Herbie for your footballing achievements!

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Fantastic football!


Well done to all of the  St Helen's after school footballers for their achievements over the last few terms.

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Congratulations to these children who had afternoon tea with the Governors. Very tasty it looked as well!

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Well done to Amber, Sophie, Molly, Herbie, Summer, Bobby, Ella, Reagan, Amalie, Tom, John and Isaac H in Maple class for earning their pen licenses!


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This week's times tables awards go to...

Trenton- Oak class

Ben- Sycamore class

Blessings- Beech class

Molly- Maple class


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This week we are proud of...

Oak class- Isla

Sycamore class- Luca

Beech class- Riley

Maple class- Rhyley

Ash class- James H

Elm class- Tiffiny

Willow class- Max

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Times Tables Champions of the week! ... 7.12.18


This week's times table champions are...

Amelia May- Ash class

Isaac H- Maple class

Harry- Beech class

Trenton- Oak class


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This week we are proud of...

Elm class- Lewis

Ash class- Noah Marco

Maple class- Jack

Beech Class- Eleanor

Sycamore class- Florie

Oak class- Joe


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Well done Lukas for your footballing triumph!


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Well done to this week's times tables champions!

Charlie D- Oak class

Yuvi- Sycamore class

Michael- Beech class

Isaac L- Maple class

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Thank you to all of our fabulous musicians who gave us all a rendition of 'Jingle Bells' in today's assembly.

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This week we are proud of...

Finlay- Oak class

Florie- Sycamore class

Michael- Beech class

Lukas- Maple class

Axel-Ash class

Reggie- Elm class

Havana- Willow class


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Well done to Lexi for your continued success in your dancing competitions and to Shayna for your Gymnastics Gold achievement. Fantastic!

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This week we are proud of...


Daniel- Oak class

Olivia- Sycamore class

Crystal- Beech class

John- Maple class

Sophie- Ash class

Albert- Elm class

Azealia- Willow class


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This week we are proud of...


Leon- Willlow class

Jessica- Elm class

Holly- Ash class

Rowan- Maple class

Mati- Beech class

Maisie- Sycamore class

Tiam- Oak class

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Well done Lewis for your kickboxing success!

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This week we are proud of...

Oak class- Brandon

Sycamore class- Toby

Beech class- Phoebe

Maple class- Avani

Ash class- Bruno

Elm class- Oliver

Willow class- Alice



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This week we are proud of...


Megan- Willow class

Leo- Elm class

Albie B- Ash class

Riley T- Maple class

Elliot- Beech class

Evie- Sycamore class

Brooke- Oak class

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Head teacher awards


Well done to Olivia and Lily who won this term's Head teacher awards.

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Well done to Lexi and Libby for their dance achievements!
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This week we are proud of...


Oak class- Nakai

Sycamore class- Harry

Beech class- Lexi

Maple class- Ella

Ash class- Jessica

Elm class- Luke F

Willow Class- Billie 


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Well done to Thomas for his sporting achievement!


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This week we are proud of...


Oak class- Amelia

Sycamore class- Mia

Beech class- Jack

Ash class- Azy

Elm class- James B

Willow class- Franklin

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This week we are proud of...


Oak class- Mia

Sycamore class- Ethan

Beech class- Lizzie

Maple class- Kenzie- Leo

Ash class- Henry

Elm class- Lewis

Willow class- Lily

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Oak class- Tyler

Sycamore class- Tyrell

Beech class- Nifemi

Maple class- Isaac L

Ash class- Amelia May

Elm class- Amelia

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This week we are proud of...

Oak class- Charlie A

Sycamore Class- Archie

Beech class- Blake

Maple class- Violet

Ash class- Mylo

Elm class- Charlie-John

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14.9.18- New House Captains!


Congratulations to the new house captains! May you lead your team to triumph over the coming academic year.

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Welcome to a new academic year!

This week we are proud of...


Oak class- Charlie P

Sycamore class- Sky

Beech Class- Adam

Maple class- George

Ash class- Caitlin

Elm class- Caleb



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St Helen's Has Talent!   July 2018


This morning we were lucky enough to witness several children showcasing their different talents. We had Irish dancing, gymnastic displays and magic to name just a few of the performances. We have been overwhelmed by the level of talent on display in the school.


Will it be you next time?

Governor's tea party   13.7.18


The following children were the lucky recipients of the Governor's tea party award:

Lily- Willow class

Isla- Elm class

Rhyley- Ash class

Elliot- Maple class

Lilysue- Beech class

Tiam- Sycamore class

Bekka- Oak class

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Congratulations to Bradley in Sycamore class and Axel in Elm class who won the end of term Headteacher's prizes!



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13.7.18- This week we are proud of... 

Georgie- Willow class

Ralph- Elm class

Jacob- Ash class

Nifemi- Maple class

All of Beech class

Trenton- Sycamore class

Cameron- Oak class

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Fantastic achievements!   6.7.18


We are very proud of all these children at St Helen's for their fantastic achievements.


Ronnie and Vinnie- for amazing achievements in kickboxing.

Telleah- for outstanding gymnastics (will we see you at the next Olympics?)

Piper- for achieving 2 badges at swim school.


All of year 6 who took part in the 'Bikeability' course and achieved certificates!

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This week we are proud of...


Kai- Oak class

Courtney- Sycamore class

Marco- Beech class

Kegan- Maple class

Rhyley and Libby- Ash class

Azy- Elm class

Connor- Willow class

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This week we are proud of...

April- Willow Class

Albie B- Elm Class

Lukas- Ash class

Lorelei and Michael- Maple class

Olivia- Beech class

Aston- Sycamore class


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This week we ware proud of...

Neam- Oak class

Isla- Sycamore class

Sky-Beech class

Mia- Maple class

Ekam- Ash class

All of Elm class- Elm class

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We are very proud of John, who was awarded the term 5 'Footballer of the Term' award!

He came out to receive his trophy, ably assisted by Jack!

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This week we are proud of...


Oak class- all of Oak class

Sycamore class- Brooke

Beech Class- Mia

Maple Class- Lily

Ash class- Reagan

Elm class- Ellena

Willow class- Karina

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This week we are proud of...


Oak class- Ethan L

Sycamore class- Bradley

Beech class- Lilysue

Maple class- Lottie F

Ash class- Isaac L

Elm class- Phoebe

Willow class- Jesse

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We are proud of...


Azy- Elm class

Amber-Ash class

Mati- Maple class

Maisie- Beech class

Brooke-Sycamore class

Telleah- Oak class

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This week we are proud of...


Willow class- James

Elm class- Mylo

Ash class- all of Ash class

Maple class- Kegan

Beech class- Harry

Sycamore class- Chloe

Oak class- Jasmine

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This week we are proud of...


Grace- Oak class

Courtney- Sycamore class

Ben- Beech class

Charlie- Maple class

Jack- Ash class

Ralph- Elm class

April- Willow Class

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This week we are proud of...


Phoebe- Oak class

Noah- Sycamore class

Emma- Beech class

Lexi- Maple class

Kenzi--Leo- Ash class

Grace- Elm Class

Dante- Willow class

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Governor's Tea Party-23.3.18


We are proud of the following children for winning the Governor's award for the term.


Mac - Oak

Vinny - Sycamore

Luca - Beech

Lizzy - Maple

Amalie - Ash

Milo - Elm

Danny - Willow

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This week we are proud of...


Archie- Oak

Harrison- Sycamore

Holly- Beech

Riley- Maple

Herbie- Ash

Harrison- Elm

Jessica- Willow

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Well done Telleah

Well done Telleah 1

"I flew out to the Czech Republic on Thursday.

On the Saturday my trio had to do qualifications, we had to come in the top seven to compete on Sunday.

We came third on Saturday with a score of 17.650.

On Sunday we took part in the finals, with the possibility of winning a medal.

We came first!

We had a score of 18.200. This was increased by 0.55. We had 0.4 more than the second placed team. I have a Gold medal in Aerobic Gymnastics.

We all had an amazing weekend."

Telleah, Oak Class



We are proud of...


Oak- Grace B

Sycamore- Daniel


Maple- Eleanor

Ash- Isaac H

Elm- Joseph

Willow- Riley

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Music Maestros!


Congratulations to Evie and Florie for achieving their bronze certificates for the clarinet...they were even brave enough to play in front of the entire school!

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This week we are proud of...


Willow- Danny

Elm- Zak

Ash- Millie

Maple- Elliot

Beech- Florie

Sycamore- Vinnie

Oak- Lucy

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This week we are proud of...


Luca- Oak

Mia- Sycamore

Courtney- Beech

Ellie- Maple

Rowan- Ash

Brandon- Elm

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this week we are proud of...

Joshua- Willow 

Ellena- Elm 

Summer- Ash

Blessings- Maple

Darci- Beech

Brooke- Sycamore

Harry- Oak

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This week we are proud of...


Albie- Elm class

Bobby- Ash class

Phoebe- Maple class

Lennon- Beech class

Angel-Marie- Sycamore class

Bella- Oak class


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This week we are proud of...


 Jayden H- Oak class

Nakai- Sycamore class

Yuvi- Beech class

Lizzie- Maple class

Rowan- Ash class

Sophie- Elm class

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We are extremely proud of everyone who took part in the Mini Youth Games swimming gala.

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This week we are proud of...


Honey- Oak class

Annette- Sycamore class

Carly- Beech class

Lily- Maple class

Amalie- Ash class

Sofia- Elm class


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Happy new year!


This week we are proud of...

Elm class- James

Ash class- Isaac H

Maple class- Eleanor

Beech class- Eddie

Sycamore class- Charlie P

Oak class- young play leaders

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This week we are proud of...

Amelia- Willow class

Isla- Elm class

Tom- Ash class

Jack - Maple class

Lexi- Beech class

Noah- Sycamore class

Naiah and Jayden- Oak class


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A big well done to all these children for raising money for the athlete who visited us at the start of the year.


A special congratulations to Rhys in Oak class for raising the most money.


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Well done to everyone who took part in the Mini Youth Games this week! We are so proud of you all for trying so hard and representing St Helen's really well.




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We are proud of all the children who took part in the library summer holiday reading challenge...well done!
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Welcome to our new House Captains!


Donaldson- Abby (captain) and Lucy (vice)

Dahl- Isabelle (captain) and Rhys (vice)

Shakespeare- Jena (captain) and Grace R (vice)

Tolkien- Honey (captain) and Harry (vice)


Good luck for the coming year...lead your team by example and strive for success!


Well done to the children in Years 5 and 6 for achieving their level 1 and 2 bikeability awards.
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Congratulations to Ellie-Mae and Ethan for raising the most money in KS1 and KS2 for the iwalk. We will look forward to purchasing some new tablets with the money raised.
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