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Elm – Year 1

Welcome to Elm Class!



Important Notices


  • Our PE days are on a Monday and Friday. Please ensure that all PE kits are thoroughly labelled and that jewellery is removed before school. If your child has earrings in on the day of PE they will not be able to take part in the lesson.
  • Home learning sent home every Friday and is due in on the following Wednesday. It must be in by this date to ensure it can be marked and given back out on Friday.

Cinema Trip

Cinema Trip 1

We had a fabulous trip to the cinema as part of the 'Into Film Festival' to see Trolls. All of the children behaved impeccably and did St. Helen's proud. Keep an eye out for our film reviews hot off the press!

Community Day

On Community day we had two very special visitors:

- a firefighter from Gatwick airport

- magician


We really enjoyed learning about each profession and the training each person had to do. Elm class asked some really insightful questions;


"How do you learn to put fires out?" Joseph

"I had five weeks training - we had to read a lot and practice putting out fires. We then continue our training for another two years"


"Why did you want to become a fireman?" Amelia-May

"I wanted to do something for people. I also wanted to do something that I thought was fun."

Harvesting Carrots and Carrot Cake

British Athlete Visit - Reuben Arthur


We were very lucky today to receive a visit from upcoming 100m sprinter, Reuben Arthur. Elm class took part in a circuit of exercises; star jumps, jumping jacks, spotty dogs, press ups and high knees. Reuben was really impressed about our knowledge of healthy eating and we asked some amazing questions. They included;


"How do you get that fast?" - Zak

" How did you get to the other countries?" - Noah M

How did you get into athletics?" - Brandon

"What do you eat?" Mrs Hughes