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As we are now on our THIRD snow day, I have posted some activities you can complete during your time off. This is a list of suggestions; I do not expect ALL activities to be completed! You can choose a couple from the list to complete:


  • World Book Day Book Club:

We will be holding a class book club on World Book Day (Please note the new date of Thursday 8th March) which will give you the opportunity to share information and recommend a book/author you like. You can choose a book/author and research information about them. Be prepared to present information whether this be verbally, using a power point or poster.


  • Extreme Reading Challenge!

Take a photo of yourself reading in the snow. The more adventurous, the better! You could even make a snowman and have him/her read your book.


  • Snow Day Report

Report about the extreme weather conditions we have had this week.

Headlines could include:

  • “Travel Chaos!”
  • “Hundreds of Schools Across The County Closed!”
  • “The Beast in the East Arrives!”

You could choose to present your report in one of two ways. Write a short newspaper article including pictures of the snow where you live OR you could film yourself presenting a weather report from the scene of the snow. It would be useful to include quotes or an account from witnesses on their opinions of the snow (this could be friends or family).


  • Research:Research information on either ‘The Beast in the East’ or ‘Storm Emma’This could include facts/statistics and Information about the country where the weather has travelled from.
  • Arithmetic Practice Paper:

Have a go at completing a practice paper. You should give yourself 40 minutes to complete this test or work through the test at your own pace.

(See File Below)

  • Times Tables Practice:

You can practise your times tables using this online test.

Or using games such as...

  • SPAG Practice Games:


We'll go through the work in class next week. I look forward to hearing about what you’ve been up to on your time off in the snow!

Miss Walkling

Arithmetic Paper

Welcome to Oak - Year 6!


Welcome to our Oak Class web page!

We will be adding new information to the school website each week to keep you updated on what the children have been up to. The children will also be writing posts themselves in the coming weeks to include on the school website. We are looking to use this page to celebrate achievements and hard work. I hope you will join us on our journey this year.



Making Microorganisms!


In science this term, we have been learning about microorganisms. This week the children designed and classified their own bacteria cell using play dough. As you can imagine, this

became very messy!


Fashion Design with Caroline Bruce

Fashion Design with Caroline Bruce 1
Fashion Design with Caroline Bruce 2
Fashion Design with Caroline Bruce 3

Outdoor Day - Hot chocolate, outdoor painting and more!

Meeting athlete Reuben Arthur!



Today, Oak class had the opportunity to meet 100m sprinter Reuben Arthur who visited the school. The children participated in an intense workout with Reuben before engaging in a Q & A session. They also had the opportunity to look at his medals. The children left feeling very inspired! Well done to our two pupils who received medals from Reuben for excellent sportsmanship!




The children have worked very hard this week returning to school with a positive attitude. We've had a busy week with lots of new exciting topics to engage with. 

In English this week, we played the games hot potato and penny pitch from our World War I text 'Stay Where You Are Then Leave'. In Science, we played the circulation game thinking about how blood and oxygen move around the body.


Congratulations to our new house captains!


This week, Oak class have worked very hard on their speeches to compete to voted as our new house captains. I am very proud of all of Oak Class for their hard work. It takes a lot of courage to stand up and give a speech in front of a large audience.

A big 'well done' to:



Jena (House Captain)

Grace R (Vice Captain)



Lucy (House Captain)

Abby (Vice Captain)



Isabelle (House Captain)

Rhys (Vice Captain)



Honey (House Captain)

Harry (Vice Captain)