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​​​​​​​Wild Africa


Book of the Term


During this term we will be learning about the continent of Africa. We will be discovering the climate, location and comparing a Kenyan village with our own lives. 


We are really excited to create African sunrise pictures. So far, we've focused on drawing animal in proportion and creating shades using paint.


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Wacky Weather


Book of the Term


Across this term we will be identifying the seasons and daily weather patterns. We will also be learning about the hot and cold areas of the world.


During English, we created a 'journey stick' using a sticky label. On our journey, we hunted for signs of autumn and the change in seasons. We had to explain what our objects have in relation to the season.

Leaf Impressions


During the term, we used different techniques to create leaves. This included sketching, printing, creating colour collections and leaf impressions. We used playdough to find the best method to impress leaves. Take a look at our leaf impressions!

Whose Bones?


Book of the Term


We really enjoyed learning about dinosaurs.

Across the term we learnt about;

- Mary Anning

- Different ways we can learning about the past (fossils and cave paintings)

- Placing events in chronological order

- Using phrases related to the passing of time 


On our topic day we made some edible dinosaur poo and made split pin dinosaurs amongst many other fun learning opportunities.


Take a look at some of the amazing learning we done across our first term in year 1!