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Wild Africa Topic Day


We were visited by two special visitors - James and Sofia's parents. They came in to share their experiences of living and working in African countries. Both retold stories of how you are surrounded by so many animals; lions, rhinos. giraffes, monkeys...


They also explained about African life. Some African people are poor, they may have to travel a long way to gather water or go to school. The roads people travel on tend to have no paths, not tarmacked and can be very dusty or bumpy.



As a class, we also explored the different foods African people eat and grow. African people mostly grow their own food and do not have the supermarket foods that we are used to, unless they live in a large city. We made an African snack of chopped up banana and apple with warm honey and cinnamon - it was yummy!

Wacky Weather


Checking Up On Our Rain Gauges

Before the Christmas half term, we placed our rain gauges around the school - thank you  to parents for helping the children to make them! 


We left them over the holidays and today we took a look at them to see what had happened. Looking at a different rain gauges we had a lot of different results. Some had barely any rain inside them whilst others were nearly overflowing! In groups we discussed the results of our rain gauges and had some very good ideas. 


- The rain gauge is bigger, so it takes more rain to fill it up (Joseph)

- This one has 4 cm of rain in it (Ellena)

- That rain gauge is smaller so it will fill up quicker (Isla)

- My one might catch the drips from the gazebo and that's why it's so full (Noah)


We will be emptying them in the Spring and will repeat the experiment to compare rain fall between the different seasons.

Arctic Life Postcards

Arctic Life Postcards 1
Arctic Life Postcards 2

We learnt about living in Arctic conditions from how they dressed, what animals they would have seen, what clothes they would have worn and how they would travel around the area. We imagined that we went on holiday to the Arctic - take a look at some of our amazing postcards home.

Whose Bones?

Visit from the Guildhall

We had a very special visitor from the Guildhall Museum come to visit us. Jeremy helped us to explore what life was like for people in the Stone Age era;

- The tools they used

"They used a wood bit and then put a hammer on it... they tie it together" April

- The clothes they wore

" I think they made their clothes out of animals" Amelia-May


As a class we discovered how tools changed over time and that some animals the Stone Age people encountered are now extinct!

Cave Paintings

Across our topic we've been learning about and identifying the different ways that we can find out about history. What better way to explore how we find out about Stone Age people than trying out cave painting. Children chose different places they would like to try cave painting - even under the tables!