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Year 5 Adventures

We are loving all the emails and photos coming in to the school office, can we please ask that photos are sent as small attachments and 1 or 2 per email as our system isn’t able to download large files and therefore the photos just don’t come through to us! 

Thank you for sending in your work and pictures, Miss Warburton and I love to see what you have been doing.

Keep sending them in and I will put them onto the website.

Sonny has been gardening as well as doing his work.

Some work from Louie as well.

Louie has finished his maths.

Jack has been working on his Roman Numerals.

Sonny has been busy, he has been gardening completing the work set and baking cookies. There are also pictures of the beach he made.

Olivia has sent me pictures of a wizards from the Harry Potter series of books.

Noah is continuing to work at home. I am so proud Noah keep going.

Noah has been working hard and has completed his maths. Well done.

Louie has been reading Harry Potter, keep it up Louie.

Sonny has made a cardboard tiger.

Micheal has been working hard finding out about Arctic Hares. His work is below its amazing.

Louie has been working hard, well done Louie.

Nifemi has been working hard on time this week, his worksheets are below. Fantastic work Nifemi.

Take a look at Noah's pointillism picture, its fantastic.

Olivia is working hard in the garden an at her school work. Well done Olivia.

Here are some lovely tiger pictures from Sonny and Noah.

Blake has some facts about tigers.

Here is some work that Mati has completed.

Louie has been calculating area and perimeter. Well done Louie.

Eleanor has been planting more seeds and look at the growth in just a few days. You have green fingers Eleanor.

Noah has been hard at work (14.5.20) looking forward to seeing today's work Noah.

Some more work from Sonny, keep up the good work. (14.5.20)

Here is Sonny's work from today (12.5.20)

Nifemi has had a brilliant try at the work today 12.5.20

Here are Olivia's fractions. Did you get the same?

Noahs Snake Animation

Still image for this video
Noah has made his own animation, don't watch it if you don't like snakes.
Well done Noah I think its fantastic.

Watch Dolly's Disneyland ride. Its fantastic.

Still image for this video

Here is a diagram of Michael's Disney Land ride, it looks great.

Take a look at the leaflet Sonny has created, it his way of showing the biography of Walt Disney. Some great research has taken place and the end product is amazing. Well done Sonny

Adam has been hard at work. A great character description Adam with some good vocabulary. Take a look at the time line. I loved the photos with all of the DVD's on the floor.

Olivia has been working in the garden.

Take a look at Sonny's Space project, the pictures look amazing.

Week beginning 6th April 2020.

An amazing newspaper report from Blake, I like the references to Sonic.

These pictures and work are from the week beginning 30.3.20

Here is Olivia's dragon story with a page of editing, well done Olivia. It's lovely to see you are keeping up with your story writing.

Eleanor has a fantastic newspaper report, lots of references to Harry Potter and current affairs. Its very clever Eleanor.

Adam has completed his newspaper report, there are some funny additions, why not take a look.

Noah has been working hard, here is some of his work. Well done, he has also persuaded me to watch a film. Three Children and It. Ill watch it in the holidays and let you know what I think.

Adam and Eleanor planting seeds.

Louie built a rocket out of junk modelling and with his brother and sister made a castle out of a giant box! He is working very hard at home. I am proud of you Louie keep it up.

Here are pictures from the week beginning 23.3.20

Dolly reading in the camp she made. You look very cosy.

Sonny finished the dragon from the home learning.

Olivia has been busy, playing basketball, cooking and doing her home learning.