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Year 4 Adventures

We are loving all the emails and photos coming in to the school office, can we please ask that photos are sent as small attachments and 1 or 2 per email as our system isn’t able to download large files and therefore the photos just don’t come through to us! 

Dear Beech Class,


I thought a nice way for us to keep in touch with each other and share our home activites/learning is to have a mini class blog.

Anything you wish to share please email to the school office.


I look forward to updating the page soon.



The Further Adventures of Year 4

George has been making pasta for his dinner.
George has been baking pain au chocolat.
Amalie settling her new chickens in their home.
Amalie's poem about chickens.
Peggy, Vera and Fudge
Libby has been baking some rolls.
Libby has been baking again.
Libby made a model burger for a virtual BBQ
Lukas and Lupi.
Lukas is enjoying training his puppy Lupi.

Even More Adventures

Zaac playing Muneca
Zaac made balloon lungs
Zaac's story for his brother

Superhero Work

Libby made some Superhero cakes.
Lukas in his comfy reading den
Lukas in his Superhero reading den
Lukas in his Superhero reading den
Libby's Superhero Menu
Libby's menu
Libby's T-shirt to wear when clapping for NHS.
The back of Libby's T-shirt
William completing Superhero Challenge 1
William completing Superhero Challenge 2
William working hard at his Maths
Bobby completing Superhero Challenge 2
Rhyley completing his Maths. Well done Rhyley

More Adventures

William sending Morse Code messages.

More Year 4 Adventures



George has been busy with his home learning and has been working hard on his handwriting and presentation. Well done George keep up the good work.smiley



Zaac has been very busy over the holidays, he completed 3 experiments; the egg parachute (the parachute floated but the egg kept tipping out so it smashed anyway!) He made a sailing boat and a mini lava lamp. Zaac has also been baking the hot cross bun cookies which were delicious, doing an obstacle race with an egg and spoon and  had a games night over Facetime with his grandparents. Zaac has been making videos with his brother in the woods and had a sleepover with his dad in the lounge. They watchedfootball and had a Fifa tournament.


William and his brother Lewis working together on drawing a skeleton and labelling the bones and muscles. Well done, what a fantastic drawing.



Amalie has been looking after a baby squirrel.
Amalie making a delious crumble.
Fantastic work from George.
William's story. Well done William.
William's sketching
Baking cookies.
Walking in the woods.
Trying the parachute experiment.
William and Lewis working together.

More home learning.

Isaac really loved the water cycle experiment and enjoyed a long walk down the marshes. He has worked really hard on his column subtracting, he practiced until he had it nailed!

Well done Isaac.



Isaac enjoying a walk.
Isaac completing his water cycle experiment.
Rhyley enjoying his Kandinsky inspired Art.
Avani is ready for her home learning.

The Lego Challenge

Jacob creating his Lego aircraft
Jacob creating his Lego aircraft with his brother.
George completed the Lego challenge.
Avani and her brother baking some cakes.
Avani completing the water cycle experiment
George completing his paper plane investigation
George baking a lovely cake.
Amalie conducting the paper plane investigation.
 Exercising on an obstacle course made by Amalie

More Adventures

Making imprints of toy dinosaurs with Playdoh.
Zaac playing Subbuteo
Riley conducting a science experiment.
Planting some seeds.
Herbie conducting a science experiment.
George and his brother
George and his brother enjoying the garden.
Libby's artwork
William completing the aeroplane investigation.

Avani has been busy, she has been baking some cakes and completed the Water Cycle experiment.


Zaac has been very busy. He has been playing Subbuteo, has set up his own Olympics (Zaac is in the middle of a volleyball contest), played lots of football, been on nature walks, played some board games and helped his little brother make imprints of toy dinosaurs with Playdoh. Zaac has enjoyed his Dad doing some baking. Zaac and his family have enjoyed ginger biscuits, garibaldi biscuits, hot cross buns and carrot cake!


Riley has been busy, he is conducting a science experiment and has planted some seeds.


Ryley has written a story about some elves and their adventures.


Herbie is also undertaking a science experiment.


Herbie and Penelope have been busy completing thier home learning. They have also been busy with lots of craft activities. They have painted pebbles, did some baking and have cheered up thier window with rainbows. Herbie and Penelope have also set challenges for their classmates.


Bobby and his brother have made a rainbow for their window for people to count whilst on thier walks. Bobby has also been cooking and has cooked spaghetti bolognaise for his family.


William has been completing his water cycle experiment as well as enjoying a bounce.

Lukas completing home learning.
Lukas learning to play the guitar.
William bouncing on his trampoline.
William's water cycle.
Herbie baking.