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Year 3 Adventures

We are loving all the emails and photos coming in to the school office, can we please ask that photos are sent as small attachments and 1 or 2 per email as our system isn’t able to download large files and therefore the photos just don’t come through to us! 

I thought a nice way to keep in touch with each other and share our home activities/learning is to have a mini class blog. 

Anything you wish to share please email to the school office. 

Times Table Battle

Henry won!
Brandon came second!
Holly came third!

Holly has been enjoying her allotted exercise time to get outside and explore the local area. They have been walking up to 4 miles a day without any moaning!  
She also made her cave out of lego! 


























































Grace has been working through the pack Miss Palmer gave her and has nearly finished reading The Beast Of Buckingham Palace. Grace has been enjoying Cosmic Yoga this week, and she’s also improving her flip skills on the trampoline! She’s enjoyed researching Greek Gods and making a factsheet for her Goddess.



















































Cody has been working hard!














Bruno has made an Easter tree and has been working on his writing.




































Harrison has created his Greek God out of Fimo clay and has used his pressed flowers to show the different parts of plants. 

Harrison made his poster for R.E over 2 days. He painted Jesus Christ on the cross and the background for his poster separately, sticking them together when dry. He then practiced bubble writing in pencil first before Colouring the letters. He has also made a cave at home to complete his cave paintings in!



















































Beau has been missing her friends so much she has decided to make a friend out of wood with her dad. She has been learning lots of new skills from wood work to baking banana bread!






































As well as his online learning, Noah has been riding his scooter, having drawing competitions with Luca, making yummy cherry scones, creating an 'activities lucky dip' with Luca, rediscovering toys he forgot that he had and keeping his sunflower alive by watering it and making sure it gets plenty of sunlight.  Noah has his birthday in the Easter Holidays so he has been busy making and writing his thank you notes. He has also really enjoyed making a his own cave as well as using the computer to research caves and create a graph about cave depths. His sunflower is still growing and currently stands at 38cm tall. He has also been making his own Chinese food! 
















































Olivia has been exploring the marshes, as well as completing her school work! She has also created her poster! Olivia has also been racing paper caterpillars! She also has been helping cook dinner! 






























Here is a photo of Phoebe who has been busy in the kitchen making banana & chocolate chip muffins! She has been working hard, having fun and spending time on the trampoline and riding her bike. Phoebe has also displayed her RE poster in her window! 


















Ellena has been watching her sunflower grow! She has also been taking part in the Joe Wicks workout each morning and baking war time cookies. Ellena also made her cave out of lego! 










































James made a poster for RE. He also created a list for his survival pack, and even packed his bag ready for his adventure! James also labelled the food in his house to practice using money skills. James also did a virtual reading for the church service!

























































Can you guess the famous building? 




















Joseph has been doing his home learning, as well as riding his bike and taking part in daily PE with Joe Wicks. Joseph enjoyed the survival project and made a den and sleeping in it along with making a model camp. He has also been making good use of his science experiment set! He misses school and wanted a photo outside the building. 




















































































Callum mastered riding his bike with no stabilisers!                   




















Kourtnie has had some lovely family walks, had some teddy bear picnics at breakfast time. She has taken really good care of the rabbits in the garden & played lots of games on her trampoline. She has made some beautiful rainbows for her Nan & clapped for the NHS, Kourtnie even broke the wooden spoon on the pans!!  



















Axel has been working very hard! 



















Henry has created a mosaic on Purple Mash and has been working very hard!