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Year 2 Transition

Welcome to Year 2 laugh

Miss Cherry, Mrs Ells, Mrs Howell and I cannot wait to see you all back in September. 

To help you get ready for Year 2 over the summer I have put some resources and ideas on this page.



Common Exception words are words that you cannot sound out and just have to know how to spell and read. 

High Frequency words are a mixture of words you can and cannot sound out, that you need to know how to spell and read, and are common words to come across in Year 1 and 2. 


Times Tables:

In Year 2 you will be learning your 2, 5 and 10 times tables. 

We will start off with our 2 times tables and your first times table test will be on Friday 11th September. We will have a times table test every Friday along with our weekly spelling test. 

Once you are secure in your 2 times tables (at least 3 full scores in a row, rapid recall in any order e.g. 5 x 2... 2 x 2... 9 x 2) you will move onto your 10 times tables then your 5 times tables.