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Home Learning and Activities

Leon's Fantastic Spellings!
Penelope listens to Miss Skoll's story
A Brilliant Book Review by Zach G
A Poster for the Lonely Beast by Zach G
Caleb's Marshmallows and a Campfire!
Penelope and Herbie complete a science experiment!
Caleb makes cheese scones - yum!
Leon's story about the Swimming Beast
Leon's story - great work Leon!
Leon's illustrations for his story
Freya and Zach have been on walks and bike rides!
Zach and Freya with their rainbow paintings :)
Shelby's Brilliant Beast Story
Ryan has been busy baking over Easter
Ryan baking
Fun painting!
Ryan doing some exercises at home!
Ryan's fairy house
Ryan's bumble bees for the fairy garden!
Megan's Easter card
Thank you for your lovely card Megan!
Caleb doing his SPaG activities in the sun :)
Leon's instructions for a toasted cheese sandwich!
Zach grouping countries, continents and cities!
Zach with his addition work!
Zach A's colouring by addition work
Zach A's maths picture
Leon's Story Map for Katie Goes to London
Penelope's Tie-Dying!
Caleb's Seascape
Leon's Seascape
Alice has been making some delicious scones!
Alice and Oliver's vegetable patch
Alice and Oliver have been sending care packages!
Leon's 'stay at home' poster
Myles' VE Day Bunting!
Megan's Art Lesson at home!
Megan's butterfly using dots
Myles' handwriting
Ryan and Max make a volcano!
The volcano in action!
Caleb's Incredible Castle!
Megan's English
Megan's Awesome Castle!
Megan's Phonics
Aimee's Transient Art
Caleb's Maze for Maths
Bastian baking gingerbread!
Aimee's brilliant writing