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Wonderful Work

Dragon Week

Chocolate Week

Sophie's Chocolate Poster

Titanic Pictures

Zaac's Titanic newspaper
Zaac's Titanic picture
Herbie's Titanic Picture
Amalie's Titanic Newspaper
Herbie completing his work on Titanic.
Riley's Titanic work
More of Riley's work
Even more of Riley's Titanic work
Riley's Titanic Timeline

The Big Bug Hunt

What is this invertebrate?
Socially distanced invertebrate hunt.
How many bugs are there on this flower?
Bobby hunting invertebrates

Ocean Art

Rhyely's beautiful ocean artwork
Libby has been working hard.
Libby's ocean map.
Libby's fact file.
Bobby working hard.
Riley's Ocean Food Chain
Riley's Layers of the Ocean
Riley's Oceans Creatures
William using the map to locate the oceans.
Bobby's Fact File
Riley's Ocean Creatures
Riley's Character
Bobby's Octopus

Dinosaur Pictures

William made his dinosaur timeline.

Mountain Artwork

Tom's Mountain Picture

Superhero Pictures

Libby's Superhero
Rhyley's Medal
William designing his medal.
Well done William
Avani's VE Day medal
Bobby's VE Day work
Bobby's Pirate Page
Sophie's Wanted Poster
Herbie's Pirate Page.
Fantastic work Herbie. It looks amazing.
Amalie's Pirate Work. Well done Amalie
Amaile;s Science Work. Well done Amalie
Rhyley's Pirate Work. Well done Rhyley.
William's Pirate Work. Well done William.