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w/c 8th June

This week we are very excited to welcome back some of Elm Class to school. For those of Elm Class who are continuing their learning at home, we would love to hear and share what you are getting up to with the children in school. Please send any learning and pictures to the Year 1 e-mail:



English w/c 8th June


Please find below this week's English activities. The 'Caterpillar Shoes' resource pack contains a link to a short film around which the activities are based. There are also some additional suggestions for activities at the front of the pack. Please choose with your child which activities they would like to complete daily. 


Should your child prefer to continue with Miss Browne's lessons on the Oak National Academy please see the link below. 


This term's spellings have also been uploaded for you to practise. 

Monday 8th June

Monday Art 

For this week's art, we would like you to have a go at creating some 'transient art' outdoors. Transient art is art that can be moved and changed - we have explored it before in Elm Class. See what items you can collect outdoors to create your picture! See images below for ideas. 

Tuesday 9th June

Tuesday P.E


Choose a challenge to complete from 'My Active Rainbow'. 

Wednesday 10th June

Wednesday Science 

Last week for Science, you had a look around your house for different materials. For this week's Science activity we will be considering the properties of some of those materials. This means how we might best describe the materials. 


Look at the posters below for the four main ways in which we might group the properties of materials. Can you find examples for each one in your home? Don't forget to look outside too! 




Why is it important that we know about the properties of materials?

Thursday 11th June

Thursday History 


Last week for History, you looked at different pictures of castles in Kent and did some research on DKFindOut. Use the link below to re-cap on the key features of a medieval castle. 



The painting below is by Paul Klee. It is called 'The Castle and Sun'. Paul Klee uses different shapes in order to create his castle. What shapes do you notice? What features of a medieval castle can you spot?


Using shapes and colours, create your own version of 'The Castle and Sun'. 

Friday 12th June

Friday Topic 


Please use Friday topic time to test spellings, read and complete homework on Purple Mash. 

Homework & Spellings

Homework for this week will be set on Purple Mash. 



Week 2: 12th June –tch cluster