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w/c 6th July

English w/c 6th July 

Please find below this week's English activities. 'The Bridge' resource pack contains a link to a short film around which the activities are based. There are also some additional suggestions for activities at the front of the pack. Please choose with your child which activities they would like to complete daily. 


Should your child prefer to continue with Miss Browne's lessons on the Oak National Academy please see the link below.

Monday 6th July

Monday PSHE 


Growth or Fixed Mindset?


Today we are thinking about what we need to help the brain grow and learn new things. This is called a 'growth mindset'. When we don't help our brains to grow and learn, this is called a 'fixed mindset'. Can you sort the following statement into either things that will help us grow and learn (growth mindset) and things that won't (fixed mindset)? 


- giving up 

- making a mistake

-trying again

-likes easy work

- doesn't listen

-believes that you can't get better at something 

-rushes work

-always likes to be right

- tries a challenge

-keeps practising

-being first to finish 


Activity 2


Watch the clip of the snail below. What kind of mindset do you think the snail has? Why? Introduce the word ''perseverance'' and discuss how the snail shows this. 


Challenge: Can you think of any other animals that demonstrate perseverance? Can you draw them and write a sentence about how they do this?

Tuesday 7th July
Wednesday 8th July

Wednesday Science 


For Science you will need: 

A small toy figure frozen in a block of ice (see pictures below)

A selection of materials e.g bubble wrap, tin foil, paper, felt 




Recap on your ice block observations from two weeks ago. What did you notice about the ice as it melted? Why was it doing that? What did you learn? Your challenge today is a bit different: this time you have to decide whether you will rescue the toy trapped in ice, or try and keep it in there. Think about materials you could use to either preserve or melt the ice. Use a camera or drawings to record your observations. 

Thursday 9th July

Thursday History & Art 


Today I would like you to design your very own 'Coat of Arms' using the template provided. The powerpoint below, explores the symbols, colours and designs of coats of arms in the Tudor period. Use this to help inspire you! 

Friday 10th July 

Friday Topic 


Please use this time to test spellings, do homework and read. Use the link below to access your new books for the week.

Homework & Spellings

Homework will be set on Purple Mash this week. 


Week 6: 10th July – adding –er and –est to adjectives