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w/c 29th June

English w/c 29th June


Please find below this week's English activities. The 'Once in a Lifetime' resource pack contains a link to a short film around which the activities are based. There are also some additional suggestions for activities at the front of the pack. Please choose with your child which activities they would like to complete daily. 


Should your child prefer to continue with Miss Browne's lessons on the Oak National Academy please see the link below.

Monday 29th June

Monday PSHE


Discuss with your child what they think the word 'learning' means. How do they know when they are learning? What does it look like? Afterwards, ask your child - should learning be easy? 


Activity 1

Use the Powerpoint to help explain to your child the magic power of 'yet'. This is the idea that learning new things isn't always easy straight away but that we can become better at them by practising, asking for help and not giving up!


Activity 2 

Complete the worksheet to change the statements into ones to help positive learning - using the power of yet! 

Tuesday 30th June 

Tuesday P.E - Sports Day


Today would have been Sports Day at St Helen's. For P.E this week, have a go at hosting your own Sports Day at home. Ideas have been shared on the main School Closure page. 

Wednesday 1st July

Wednesday Art - Pebble Painting 


Can you go on a hunt in your garden or on a walk to find an interesting pebble to paint? What makes your pebble interesting? Why have you chosen it? Design a picture and/or writing to go on your pebble. Can you use paints to create your design on it? There are some ideas in the pictures below.


We would love to share your art with the children in school - please send any photos into the Year 1 e-mail. 



Thursday 2nd July

Thursday History 


Elm Class, 


You have been asked by the King and Queen to build a new castle in medieval Britain. They want you to build a defensive castle against invaders from France. They also want you to consider other important geographical features when considering where to build your castle.



Activity 1

Watch the video on the United Kingdom to recap on what countries make up Britain. On the map, label these countries and add in any geographical features you hear. Use the key to help you draw and label these. You could also use sites such as Google maps with an adult to identify some important geographical features of the UK. 


Activity 2

Using your map of the UK with the geographical features added on, decide where would be best to build a medieval castle. Use the picture below to help you decide what might be important. Don't forget that the invaders are coming from France, so you may need to find out where that country is too! 



Use the link below to find out more about where castles were really built in Britain. 

Friday 3rd July

Friday Topic 


Please use this time to test spellings, do homework and read. Use the link below to access your new books for the week.

Homework & Spellings 


Homework this week will be set on Purple Mash. This week it is all about recognising British coins. Don't forget to also read and practise spellings. 


Week 5: 3rd July – adding ing, ed and er to verbs