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w/c 27th April

Phonics and SPaG Resources 


The link below takes you to Department for Education funded/supported phonics lessons which follow the Year 1 scheme we use at St Helen's. Please use it to continue to embed learning in phonics that has already taken place this year. 


If you feel your child needs additional support with blending (the practise of putting sounds together to form words), then please access the Reception lessons too. If you would like any further guidance on which lessons are best for your child, then please get in contact with the school office and I will get back to you. 


The PDF attachment also gives you some advice on how to use these lessons. 


SPaG for this week will be set on 

Monday 27th April 
Tuesday 28th April 
Wednesday 29th April 
Thursday 30th April 

Thursday Art / History 

Last term, Elm class were introduced to the art of L.S. Lowry. Look at the two Lowry paintings below and answer these questions:


What do you notice about the paintings?

What colours can you see?


Did you know that in all of of paintings, Lowry only ever use 5 colours! They were red, blue, yellow, white and black. Red, blue and yellow are primary colours and can be mixed to create any other colour. Adding black makes that colour darker - adding white makes it lighter. 




A seascape is a painting of the sea - Lowry loved the sea and often went on holiday to the seaside. He painted lots of seascape paintings. 



Can you have a go at drawing or painting a seascape? Use the photos below to help give you inspiration! 


If you can - try mixing colours to see what happens. Can you make them go lighter and darker? 



Watch the clip to find out a bit more about the life of Lowry. Can you talk with an adult about some of the history this clip shows? 

Friday 1st May
Don't forget to check your spellings for this week! 
Homework & Spellings 

Miss Skoll received a very exciting e-mail from a school in Ningbo, China. In China the children are beginning to go back to school and they heard that Elm Class might like to hear from them. They have created lots of posters to help us keep safe at home.


Have a look through some of their messages. Can you create a poster about staying safe at home? What messages might you put on there to help people? 


You can make your poster on Purple Mash or by using paper and colouring pencils :)

Spellings for Next Week:


Week 2: 1st May ue/ew