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w/c 27th April

Elsie wasn’t too keen on hunting for mini beasts but we did spot a few on our walks! She worked hard at the other tasks. Brilliant Elsie, some great work. :)

George has been very busy with his work on spiders this week. Well done George. :)

George's spider and web, brilliant.
The spider George made out of Playdough.

Joseph and Hannah have had a good week despite the rain! Hannah has been busy making spiders and practising her reading and writing. Brilliant Hannah, that's great to hear. :)

Spiderweb and spider made by Oliver. Well done Oliver. :)

Billy has been missing his friends and teachers today so we made a Willow Tree with all of their names on and spoke about all of his friends. 🙂 He also made some jam & chocolate spread tarts.

George has drawn some spiders today and done lots and lots of writing facts and sentences all about them.George enjoys writing and tried very hard. Fantastic work George!!

Theodore is very happy his school work is about spiders this week. Theodore, his brother Zachary and mummy all helped make a pompom spider and a Web. And while counting minibeasts outside checked on our vegetables. Brilliant work Theodore. :)

As a family over the weekend we completed the 2.6 challenge, raising money for charity. Henry did really well and did 26 star jumps, Henry is loving this week's theme about spiders, he's been hunting in the garden to see how many he could find. He's been painting pictures of them and made the web from string, he also made a spider from Lego. Amazing work Henry and I hope you had a great birthday. :)

Luke enjoyed making his spider today. We looked at ideas online and Luke decided he wanted to use a toilet roll to make ‘Fuzzy Luzzy’! He used scissors to cut the legs and stuck on googly eyes and a pipe cleaner mouth. What a brilliant spider Luke, well done. :)

George has watched some really great short videos on YouTube about spiders.Then he went out for his practical.As you can see ALL the boys in the house are really enjoying helping with this part and they all caught some really big spiders together!

George and his sister Holly are helping Daddy look after the police dogs. George is looking forward to returning to school as his teachers are a lot less bossy than his sister! Pleased to hear it George! :)

At the weekend we went on a 12 mile bike ride to Egypt bay. Harry loved playing in the sand.

Harry has made a brilliant spider in a web, this was one of this weeks activities. Well done Harry.

Elsee busy on the laptop completing her Purple Mash tasks.

Hannah has enjoyed her Hungry Caterpillar work this week and enjoyed painting this caterpillar and and making this butterfly.

Hannah has been enjoying water play with her brother in the garden this weekend.