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w/c 25-1-2021

Monday 25th January

Monday English & Phonics 


What is going on in Willow Class? Who is there? What is it? What do you think is going to happen? Could it have something to do with our new story for the week?


Record your ideas with the help of an adult (see example below). Help with writing by sounding out initial sounds and helping to write simple words.

A Strange Event in Willow Class

Still image for this video

Monday Maths 


Watch the Week 3 Session 5 video and complete the activity below. Making play dough can also be done with just flour (2 cups) and water (1 cup). You could alternatively get your child to bake something or help with cooking dinner for the day (ensuring they are measuring out a cup of pasta, for example). 

Tuesday 26th January

Tuesday English


Another clue has arrived in Willow Class! Watch the video to find out more!

Tuesday Phonics - Recapping 'qu' 


If you didn't see the 'qu' lesson last week, please watch and introduce this new digraph to your child.


If you did, please use the Alphablocks video and activities to re-cap this learning. 

Tuesday Maths


Watch the 6,7,8! Week 1, Session 1 video and complete the activity below. You can also explore some of the Numberblocks '6' resources.

Wednesday 27th January

Wednesday Phonics


Watch the phonics lesson with Miss Skoll and complete the activities below.

Wednesday Maths 


Watch the Session 2 video and complete the activity below. 

Thursday 28th January

All learning today is linked to the RSPB's Big Birdwatch. Please go to the linked page to find out more.

Friday 29th January

Friday Phonics 


Watch the video with Miss Skoll introducing our new sound - 'ch'. Complete the activities in the video and below. 

Roll and Read 


Roll a dice and read one of the words that match your dice score. See how many words you can sound out and read correctly! 


n.b Children will need help with word 'chain' as it contains a digraph we have not introduced yet. 

'sh' or 'ch'


Have a go at identifying which pictures have a 'sh' or 'ch' phoneme in them. 



Write the words in full.

Friday Maths 


Watch the Session 3 video and complete the activities below.