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w/c 23rd March

Holly and George have been enjoying their allotted exercise time to get outside and explore the local area. They have been walking up to 4 miles a day without any moaning!  

Poppy is keeping herself very busy and completing all the work she has been set.

Maddison showing some of her work at home.

Harry has enjoyed testing different objects to see if they float or sink.


George has been hard at work from Monday.Reading daily as always,homework book,maths and 3hrs Tuesday writing sentences using his full stops.We have put up our window rainbows (attached pic is our house window) which has drawn some welcome 'distant' attention in the form of 2 families clapping their hands accross the road and an older lady saying "how wonderful".George also has been doing 2hr walks each day (normally only done at wknd) around our fantastic fields.We could walk all day!To be continued...

Henry has had a good week, all though he does keep saying he misses his friends and teachers, but he's doing well. He's been doing well with school activities as well as cooking, gardening and lots of playing football and frisbee in the garden. I've attached a couple of pictures as requested of some of the things he's been up to this week. One of Henry ready for PE with Joe Wicks and the other of us making cookies.

Elsie wanted to show some adding work she’s done, and she did cutting and sticking to make some cvc words.

Edith has been very busy and would like to show you the work she has completed linked to the Three Billy Goats Gruff.