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w/c 22nd June

English w/c 22nd June

Please find below this week's English activities. The 'Catch It' resource pack contains a link to a short film around which the activities are based. There are also some additional suggestions for activities at the front of the pack. Please choose with your child which activities they would like to complete daily. 


Should your child prefer to continue with Miss Browne's lessons on the Oak National Academy please see the link below.

Monday 22nd June

Monday PSHE 


Watch the story 'Giraffes Can't Dance' on the link below. Think about the following questions with your child as you watch it;


How is Gerald feeling?

Why is he feeling like that?

How do the other animals behave?

What has he failed to do?



Write or discuss reasons for and against Gerald going to the ball. Should he be allowed to go? How could you encourage Gerald to want to try to join in?


Finally - can you think of a time when you have found something tricky and got better at it? Can you draw a picture of it?

Tuesday 23rd June
Wednesday 24th June

Wednesday Science 


Ice Experiment (you will need to have frozen a block of water in advance of this session)


Discuss - ask your child to describe what they can see. What do they feel about the ice?


Predict - explain to your child that they are going to predict what the ice will look like in 5 minutes, in 10 minutes and 20 minutes. Use the worksheet below to record your predictions and findings. 


What will the ice turn into when it melts? What was ice before it went into the freezer? What sort of things could we do to the ice to make it melt faster? Or how could we slow down the melting?


What will happen if we put salt on it?

Once you have finished your observations, put some salt on the ice. Encourage your child to observe what happens to the ice where the salt touches it. Explain that the ice will melt quicker now because salt lowers the freezing point of the water. 


Thursday 25th June

Thursday History 


Watch the clip 'A Mini Guide to Medieval Castles'. There were two main reasons for building a castle in medieval Britain: 


1) To 'show off' - show your importance and wealth

2) To 'show down' - provide a place of protection


Discuss - How might you find out the purpose of a castle?




Choose a few different castles to look at from the Castle Postcards link. Use the 'show down or show off' checklist from the activity pack to help decide what kind of castle each one is and why. 


Extension - Can you design your own medieval castle and label its features?

Friday 26th June

Friday Topic 


Please use this time to test spellings, do homework and read. Use the link below to access your new books for the week. 


Homework & Spellings

Homework will be set on Purple Mash. This week the homework is around materials, including suitable clothing materials for the hot weather! New reading books for the week will be uploaded to the Reading Planet (link below). 




Week 4: 26th June – adding s and es to words