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w/c 20th April

Elsie has enjoyed working on The Very Hungry Caterpillar this week. She would also like to show everyone that her front tooth fell out and the tooth fairy came to’s lucky she is a key worker!

George has really enjoyed this weeks work.He has collected,studied (and released) lots of different bugs.We don't have a printer so drew the work into his book to complete,he enjoyed that too.He did SO well this week that his Mum has given him 2 gold home school stars⭐ Well done George. :)

Harry and Olivia tried the racing caterpillars paper craft 😊

Henry has really been enjoying this week's topic of the very hungry Caterpillar. He's made butterfly paintings, drawn a massive Caterpillar on the driveway, he's been eagerly completing the work sheets and especially loved retelling the story with the puppets.

Rudi has been working really hard to catch up on missed work. He has a ‘pet’ caterpillar called James who has now changed into a cocoon this week! Rudi is really excited to see what butterfly he’ll turn into!! Rudi is helping his Mum & Dad in the garden today with his brother and sister. Well done Rudi, you have been working hard. I am also very excited to find out what butterfly James turns into!

Luke had a great time making his own butterflies today. Luke used scissors to cut out the wing shape and enjoyed painting the pattern on one side and then folding it over to print on the other when the paint was still wet. We have them hung up in his bedroom window now they are dry! Looks great Luke, well done.