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w/c 1st June

Term 6 Home P.E Challenge 


For P.E this term, I would like you to have a go at the Kent School Games Rainbow Challenge. You can use this just to give you ideas for keeping active throughout this term or you can record and submit your challenges to win rewards. 


How you do this is up to you! All of the information is in the pack below. Have fun!

Monday 1st June
For Maths this week we will be looking at the topic of 'Position and Direction'. Look at the pictures below. Where and when else can you think of that we might make turns or change direction? 

Maths Activity 1 


Can you play Simon Says with a member of your family? Try and include some of the following instructions (get a grown up to help show what some of the turns will look like):


-Can you make a half turn?

-Can you make a full turn?

-Can you make a half turn to the right/left?

-Can you make a full turn to the right/left?

-Can you make two half turns?


Don't forget to swap over and take turns at giving and receiving instructions! Sometimes it's useful to imagine you are in the middle of a circle and making these turns.


*** Chili Challenge *** 


''Three half turns makes a whole turn''. Prove me wrong!



Have a go at one of the worksheets above. There is also an additional challenge at the end. 

Monday PSHE


As we start to go out more and begin to see more people, it is important to remember how to wash our hands properly. This can stop us and other people from spreading germs. Can you look at the muddled up pictures below and put them in the right order? What other tips would you have for people to wash their hands effectively? 

Tuesday 2nd June

Tuesday Maths Activity 1


Watch the video above - what directions do you hear? What kinds of turns are made? Today we are going to re-cap making half and whole turns as well as quarter turns. Talk to your grown up about when the quarter turn was made in the video. What did it look like? Can you make a quarter turn?


Play Simon Says again but add in quarter turns.






Have a go at one of the worksheets above. There is also an additional challenge at the end.

Tuesday P.E


Complete an 'Active Rainbow Challenge' smiley

Wednesday 3rd June

Wednesday Maths Activity 1 


Discuss with your children their previous learning around direction and describing turns. They should be able to have come understanding of how to make a full, half and quarter turn now. Use the challenge below to recap their learning. 

Wednesday Maths Activity 2


Use the worksheets below to explore using 'positional language'. This helps us describe where things are in relation to others. For example, 'The bear is under the bed'. Your child will already use a lot of this language correctly. Here are some phrases to look out for:


next to, in between, underneath, on top of,  in front of, behind, left, right, up, down

Wednesday Science - Materials 


Watch the video clip on the link below and talk with your grown up about the different materials you know of. 


Go on a hunt around your house to see how many different materials you can find. What do they look like? How do they feel? 



Thursday 4th June

Thursday Maths Activity 1 


Today is all about recapping the positional and directional language we have been using this week. Can you give your grown up instructions to try and get out of the mazes below? Don't forget to use some of the phrases listed below: 






Half turn

Quarter turn

Whole turn 


**Can you add phrases such as 'first, next & then' to order your instructions? **



Maths Activity 2 


Can you create your own maze? You could use felt tips and big paper or chalk and draw outside. Challenge someone to give you instructions to get out of the maze!



Thursday History 


Have a look at the pictures of castles below. They are all pictures of castles in Kent. Which do you think are the oldest castles? Why is that? What do you notice about the materials you can see? Are all the castles the same? 

Friday 5th June

Friday Maths Challenges

Friday Design Technology 


Can you use materials from your recycling to create a 'junk model' castle. Use the pictures and website from yesterday's history to inspire your castle. You could use kitchen roll tubes, cardboard boxes, paper and loo rolls to create your castle! There are some examples below:

Homework & Spellings


Homework for this week can be found on PurpleMash.