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w/c 1st June

George is very proud to show everyone the first crossword he has completed mainly on his own. Well done George, what an achievement. :)

Henry has continued to work hard this week and even completed some extra maths work! He also made himself a fantastic crown, well done Henry. :)

Elsie was enjoying the sunshine earlier in the week, and has also been building new Lego, playing with the dog and helping with some chores! She chatted with her family about different holidays and all the transport she has been on, like a ferry, aeroplane and train. Brilliant Elsie. :)

Jessie is doing really well at her riding lessons on her new pony. She is also looking after lots of vegetables in her garden, she planted them all from seed. But she is still finding time to complete her home learning task as well.Brilliant Jessie. :)

This week George has received a certificate for all his hard home learning. Doesn't he look proud of himself? Excellent work George. :)

Henry has been straight into his work this week but has also been enjoying the weather in the garden. Well done Henry. :)

Jessie has been very busy again. She has a new pony and has been having lessons every day. She went for a bike ride along the sea wall and looks like she had a run as well. But she has also managed to find time for her home learning as well. Brilliant Jessie. :)

George had a great half-term, he dressed up, visited a stream and had fun at the beach. Sounds very exciting George. :)

George was eager to start work as soon as he was awake this morning. He has already listened to this weeks story and completed some maths. Excellent George. :)

Phoebe has been busy making cakes and setting up a cake stall. Then making a whole village using lego. Well done Phoebe. :)