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w/c 18th May

 *********NEW YEAR 1 E-MAIL!**********

It's been so lovely to hear what Elm Class have been learning about at home. It's a great way to keep in touch with whatever you are choosing to do at home and give your children some feedback and encouragement. 


Please keep the e-mails coming in to the new Year 1 address:





Above is a 'word of the week' document. We introduced 'words of the week' or 'wow words' in Elm Class and it would be great if you could continue this at home. Choose a word together that you find interesting. Can you use it in a different sentence each day? Can you spot it in a book? What other 'wow words' can you think of that have the same meaning? 


As usual, this is an extra activity to try and give you a bit of choice with your child's learning this week. Please use as you feel appropriate. 

Monday 18th May
Tuesday 19th May
Use BBC Bitesize for additional tasks around measuring around the house. You don't have to use cubes - just sets of things that are each the same length (e.g. bits of pasta). If you want you can also try measuring the dinosaurs on the worksheet.
Wednesday 20th May

Wednesday Science


Have a look through the 'Little Book of Experiments' and see if there are any science experiments you might like to try. Most of the equipment needed you may have at home and there is a bit for adults to explain the science behind each experiment. Encourage your children to observe and make suggestions about what they think is happening before explaining the science! 


You could even write down some of your results or draw a diagram to explain what happened. Have fun!

Thursday 21st May

Thursday Art

All the way back in September, Elm Class spent a day doing an art project around the artist Yayoi Kusama. She is world famous for using polka dots in her artwork. In class we had a go at different ways of using the polka dot in our artwork including by drip painting outside and by decorating our own paper pumpkins with dots.


Can you have a look at some of Kasuma's art underneath and think about how you might create a piece of your own polka dot art at home? What equipment will you need? You can always use the paining tool on Purple Mash to help to create your picture! 

Friday 22nd May 
Friday Maths Challenges 

Friday History 


Last week in history, you found out about the life of Mary Seacole who was a nurse during the Crimean war. 


With your grown ups - 


1)Recap your learning from last week.

2)Have a go at reading one of the facts files (choose just one - they are levelled from easier to harder vocabulary).

3)Discuss what it means to be a 'significant person' in history. 

4)Fill in your 'significant person' report. 



Who else do you know of that might be a significant person in history? Can you use a child friendly search engine or DK Find Out to discover more? 

Half Term Homework & Spellings 

Half Term Home Learning 


Below is a booklet for you to fill in about your time staying safe at home over the past couple of months. The idea is that it will be a time capsule of memories for the future - so put it somewhere safe when you are finished! 




Week 5: 22nd May or – some have silent ‘e’ on end.