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w/c 18-1-2021

Learning Through Play & Resources 

As a guide, choose two 'Learning Through Play' activities each day, alongside the daily Phonics and Maths tasks. Daily learning should also include name writing and/or handwriting, reading (including adult read stories) and outdoor learning (see suggestions in the resources below).

Monday 18th January 

Monday English 


Watch Miss Skoll reading the Willow Class story and choose an English activity from the 'Learning Through Play' board. 

Monday Phonics


1) Recap - Phase 2 Tricky Word Scavenger Hunt


Get an adult to hide all the tricky word we have learned so far (I, to, the, no, into, go) around the house. See if you can find and read them all! There are resources below to help, but you don't have to use them. 


2) Teach - Phase 3 Tricky Words 


Use the Phonics Play link below to play 'Train Your Brain' to learn two new tricky words:


he     she 


Log in details for Phonics Play: 


username: jan21

password: home

Monday Maths 


Watch the week 2 session 5 video and complete the activity. 

Tuesday 19th January

Tuesday Phonics 



Can you find any of our new tricky words - 'he' and 'she' in your story books at home? How many can you find?



Watch the phonics lesson with Miss Skoll to learn the new phoneme 'z'. Can you have a go at reading the sentences below? If these are a bit tricky, use them to spot the new sound.

Tuesday Maths


Watch the Week 3 Session 1 video and complete the activity below.

Wednesday 20th January

Wednesday Phonics


Watch the video of Miss Skoll introducing the new phoneme and complete the activities below - the phonics activity mat and read a sentence.

Wednesday Maths


Watch the Week 3 Session 2 video and complete the activity below.

Thursday 21st January

Thursday Phonics


Use the video with Miss Skoll below to check how many taught phonemes you can remember. Get an adult to note any sounds you get really stuck on. Re-cap on any unknown sounds using some of the suggested activities and resources below.


-Phoneme hunt - hide unknown phonemes around the house for children to find and recall. 


-Fastest finger - write unknown phonemes on piece of paper or cake cases (see pictures below). Call out sounds and see how quickly your child can zap them with their finger, spatula or by placing items in the cake case.


-Watch Geraldine the Giraffe and see if you can have a go at finding initial sound objects in your home.


-Play a phonics board game or make your own! (Examples below)



If your child is confident in all their sounds, adapt the activities to include simple words to support confidence in word reading.

Thursday Maths 


Watch the Week 3 Session 3 video and complete the activity below. This activity could be adapted depending on what you have access to at home. For example, bowls and dried pasta. 

Friday 22nd January 



Friday Phonics 


Complete the sentences with the correct tricky word 'he' or 'she'. You may need to get an adult to read some of the words. Try and remember how to spell 'he' and 'she'.


Afterwards, choose a Phase 2 phonics game to play from link below.

username: jan21

password: home

Friday Maths


Watch the Week 3 Session 4 video and complete the activity below. If you don't have a matchbox at home (I certainly don't!) try using other small containers such as a small item of tupperware, empty packaging e.g. old margarine tub, small jewellery box. 

R.E & Collective Worship 

Collective Worship


This is intended for the whole school, so please adapt for your children.

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