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w/c 15th June

English w/c 15th June


Please find below this week's English activities. The 'Book of Butterflies' resource pack contains a link to a short film around which the activities are based. There are also some additional suggestions for activities at the front of the pack. Please choose with your child which activities they would like to complete daily. 


Should your child prefer to continue with Miss Browne's lessons on the Oak National Academy please see the link below. 

Monday 15th June

Monday PSHE


Watch the 'Charlie and Lola' video with a grown up. Get them to stop the video after 4.43 minutes. Talk with your grown up about how you think Lola is feeling. Why does she feel like that?


Have you ever felt like Lola?

What made you feel like that?


If you were Charlie in this story, what would you say to Lola? Why shouldn't we just give up? 


Activity - complete the worksheet by filling in how Lola feels and what Charlie should say to her to help her. 

Tuesday 16th June
Wednesday 17th June

Wednesday Science 


Use the link below to look at how we can change materials depending on their properties and complete the activities. 


There is a further chocolate experiment and information PowerPoint if you wish to use it.

Thursday 18th June

Thursday History 


Watch the video below. Imagine you have also travelled back in time and are now living in a castle. Living in a medieval castle would be very different to how we live now. Can you think of any ways it might be different? What do you think might be similar to how we live now?



Use the 'Castle Job Adverts' to research more about castle life and the jobs people would have had. Choose one job to write a full job description for. 

Friday 19th June

Friday Topic 


Please use this time to test spellings, do homework and READ! We are very excited to have access to a new reading resource through Rising Stars. Please use the link below to access the log-in page. 


Each child will be set 3 new books to read every Friday. Should they find these too easy or too tricky, please let me know via the e-mail. 


Have fun reading! 

Homework & Spellings

This week's homework will be set on PurpleMash and Rising Stars online reading. Use the PurpleMash story tool to create a short animated story. This could be based around your home learning or a story you know well already. Have fun! I look forward to seeing them :)


Week 3: 19th June – v sound at end of words