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w/c 11th May

Elsie has been working out doubling numbers this week and has made a beautiful ladybird. Well done Elsie. :)

Hannah has been completing her tasks on Purple Mash and writing out her key words in beautiful handwriting. Well done Hannah. :)

Theodore has done his doubles, written numbers 1 to 20 and looked at his finger prints and other people's in Mummy's magnifying lamp. They are so cool and each one is a bit different. Theodore has also learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers. Well done. :)

We have been doing some cake making this week, Hannah has been most excited about this activity! They both also made some lovely bunting for the VE Day celebrations, both loved watching the red arrows on the TV and have been asking lots of questions about what VE Day is all about. We have enjoyed more walks and climbing trees!

Henry has been very busy again today, making an amazing ladybird, writing his numbers and making a wanted poster. Brilliant Henry. :)

Jessie has been busy again! She has made a cake, a birthday card for her cousin and completed some of her workbooks too. Well done. :)

Phoebe has drawn a lovely picture of her Mum and has also been practising writing hr numbers. She has also been creative with her tapping shapes set. Well done. :)

Henry has completed some more of his maths today and has also mixed colours together to paint his ladybird stone. Great work. :)

Theodore has done some of the rhyming words this morning, and has written 2 sets of words that rhyme. Theodore used marbles to do his subtraction school work. This really helped with keeping him going. Well done. :)

Yesterday Poppy went to the marshes to look for mini beasts, she saw lots but they wouldn't stay still enough for a photo!

Jessie has been very busy at home as well as helping her Mum at the stables every day. Brilliant Jessie. :)

George has been baking with his sister holly and enjoyed licking out the bowls! :)

Elsie has been very busy so far this week and is loving the work related to "What the ladybird heard". Well done Elsie. :)

George woke this morning really looking forward to finding out what this week's mini beast would be.Then ran upstairs to find 2 books he has and wanted to show his teachers. That's great George, well done. :)

George has been using his toy soldiers to help with his subtraction work this morning. What a fantastic idea George, well done. :)

George.G really wanted to share his VE day decorations with his teachers and friends.These ones are in his bedroom with his own bits and pieces all his own idea! George uses a ruler now REALLY well.Using the centimetre marks & numbers.He has been learning (very easily) French with his sister for 2 weeks as well as the sign language he's been learning since preschool too. Tres bien George ! Some brilliant colouring George, well done. :)