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w/c 11-1-2021

Learning Through Play & Resources 

As a guide, choose two 'Learning Through Play' activities each day, alongside the daily Phonics and Maths tasks. Daily learning should also include name writing and/or handwriting, reading (including adult read stories) and outdoor learning (see suggestions in the resources below).

                      Monday 11th January    

Monday English 


Look at the front cover of our new story and talk to an adult: 


What do you think this story will be about?


What questions would you like to ask about this story?

Monday Maths 


Watch Week 1 Session 5 on the link and have a go at the activity below. 

Monday Phonics 


Have an adult write out some simple 'real' and 'nonsense' words on bits of paper (see example words below). Can you have a go at sounding and blending them? Can you sort them into real and nonsense words? 


You can also play this game online on the link below under 'Buried Treasure' (use phase 2 sounds)




Write your own real and nonsense words and challenge a family member to play your game.

Buried Treasure Phonics Activity

Still image for this video

Tuesday 12th January

Tuesday Phonics 


Watch the video below to find out our new phoneme. 



Can you have a go at copying the sentence below? After you have written it, can you read it? How many words are in the sentence? Remember to use your leading lines when writing your letters. 


The cat has a web.



Get an adult to say another sentence starting with ''The cat'' - can you have a go at writing it? 

Tuesday Maths 

Watch the Week 2 Session 1 video and complete the activity below.

Wednesday 13th January

Wednesday Phonics 


Try the tasks in the video below and complete the 'x' worksheet.

Wednesday Maths

Watch the Session 2 video and complete the activity below.

Number Bonds to 5 Worksheet

Thursday 14th January 

Thursday Phonics 

Watch the phonics lesson below and complete the activities. Can you read the 'nonsense' alien words? Can you write the simple words from the pictures? 






Thursday Maths 


Watch the session 3 video below and complete the activity. 

Friday 15th January

Friday Phonics 


Have a go at the two Phonics Play activities below. 


j, w, v, x comic

Have a go at reading this comic. An adult could read some of it and you could have a go at reading a couple of words on each page. 

You could also play 'phoneme spotter' - see if you can spot any of our new sounds in the story!


Have a go at writing some of the words in the comic. Get an adult to say them, whilst you listen to hear which sounds you need to write down. 


Picnic on Pluto

Select Phase 3 and a phoneme we have learned this term. The free log in details are as follows:


username: jan21

password: home

Friday Maths

Watch the session 4 video and have a go at the activity. 

Religious Education & Collective Worship 

Jesus Catches Fish Story for Children | Bible Stories for Kids | Little Worship Company Bible Time