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w/c 1-3-2021

Monday 1st March

Monday Phonics 


Use the phoneme and picture boards below to re-cap our new phonemes:







Possible Games:


Get an adult to 'sound talk' the words the pictures show and see how quickly you can find the right picture with your zappy finger. E.g. ''Can you find me the t-r-ee?'' 


Can you match the pictures with the digraphs or trigraphs they have in them? You could turn the pictures over and see if you can get three in a row on your phoneme board. 


Can you hide the pictures/phonemes around the house to try and find? When you find a phoneme say the sound it makes. When you find a picture, see if you can segment/sound talk the sounds in it.



Monday Maths


Watch the Session 3 video on the link below and complete the activity. 

Tuesday 2nd March 

Wednesday 3rd March 

Thursday 4th March 

Friday 5th March