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Our topic for Term 1 is........

The Stone Age

As a class we will be linking all of our subject areas to the Stone Age. We are currently reading Stone Age Boy in English, a book the children are thoroughly enjoying!



Our Topic for Term 2 is ……




We will be reading the Classic Text - The Wind in the Willows. We will be learning all about rivers around the world as well as nearer to school, river pollution, wild life and parts of a river. 


All of our learning will be focussed around Rivers and water including Art and Science.



Our Topic for Term 3 is ….





This term we will be looking at different types of volcanoes, their locations around the world, how volcanoes are created and creating fact files about some of the most famous volcanoes in history.


Additionally, our English is based around a lovely picture book about a volcano.


Our Topic for Term 4 is ……..


The Greeks


We will be looking at Greek History, myths, Gods and the Olympics. Additionally, we will be locating the Greek Islands on maps.  We will be learning as much as we can about the lives of the Ancient Greeks through our Geography and History and through reading Homer's The Odyssey we will learn all about the eventful life of Odysseus.




The Romans


We will be looking at Roman history, myths, structures and life. A We will be learning as much as we can about the lives of the Ancient Romans through our Geography and History.



Heroes and Villains

In term 6 we will be reading 101 Dalmatians to find out about the heroes and villains within the story. We will create our own hero or villain and write fictional stories that contain our characters.