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The Vikings


During our topic on The Vikings, we took part in a workshop to create a Viking longboat that would be large enough to carry the whole of Beech Class as we invaded Britain. We had to work together as a team to create the many different parts of the longboat and then assemble them together.  


The first part was to master the technique of creating the basic structure. This involved using three pieces of doweling and an elastic band. Once we had created one part we had to work together to create enough to make the sides of the longboat.



After we had created these basic structures, the next step was to put them together to create the sides of the longboat. It was really important that we worked as a team for this as the sides needed to be equal length and securely attached together.

This was quite tricky, especially as some of the basic structures fell apart. However we worked together to create the longboat.


The final part of the workshop allowed us to pretend to row to Britain. We had to keep the correct rhythm and row in time together. We achieved this by rowing to the beat of a drum. Once an iceberg was spotted we had to raise our oars and the last person to do so was out.