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Timeline 2019 - 2020

World Book Day

For World Book Day this year, we had a Science theme. We came into school dressed up in many different costumes from all areas of the scientific world.


We continued  our science theme in the work we completed that day. We looked at our pictures of the constellations we made  from the previous day and planned and wrote a story about how our constellation came to be.


We looked at the book How The Stars Fell Into The Sky by Jerrie Oughton. The story is a Navajo legend about the first woman who was writing the rules in the stars. A coyote went to help her but grew impatient and threw the stars into the sky.


We read the story and then looked at the different constellations we had created. We then planned a story to explain how our constellations came to be. We wrote some lovely stories and created front covers to make a class book.


Also on World Book Day we took part in a quiz to identify different book characters, book titles and plots.

Science Week - March 2020


During Science Week we looked at the book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers. We read the book in class then looked at some of the pages in more detail and the different Science topics.


First, we looked at the different animals and then created our own way of sorting and classifying them. We selected our own criteria and matched the animals accordingly. We also looked at the animals that are endangered and discussed why.



We also looked at the stars and the constellations. We discovered that constellations are a collection of stars that are given names and are used to help with navigation and mapping the stars in the sky. We looked at different pictures of the constellations and tried to identify them.

We created our own constellations by dropping stars onto a black piece of card and then creating an image from them.


During Science Week, we looked at the skeleton and the spine. We discussed what would happen if we did not have a skeleton, why we have a spine and the names of some of the bones in the body.

We made some model spines using pipe cleaners, paper straws and beads.

Outdoor Learning Day - September 2019


 During Outdoor Learning Day, we created dreamcatchers using different natural materials found within the school grounds. We created dreamcatchers to link with the book we are reading in our English lessons.

We looked at different shaped spider webs to help us create the middle pattern of our dreamcatchers. We then collected leaves, twigs, pinecones and other natural materials to create a group dreamcatcher.