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Don't forget when you complete work on Purple Mash you need to click on the hand in otherwise I cannot see what you have done. crying

A useful book explaining about COVID19 easy for children to understand.

RE: I can pray a Rainbow - fun activity to do at home.

RE: William and Lucy tell Bible Stories - read and discuss questions

We are loving all the emails and photos coming in to the school office, can we please ask that photos are sent as small attachments ad 1 or 2 per emails as our system isn't able to download large files ad therefore the photos just don't come through to us!


Friday afternoon


Lovely to see you are busy Arminas and are now on that Purple Mash! I hope you are keeping well and enjoying all the extra time at home with Karen. 

Friday 27th March


Morning all,


It is lovely to have received messages from some of you keeping us up-to-date with what you have been up to.


Yuvi is trying to do at least 2 hours of work a day - well done smiley


Mia it sounds like you have been really busy and I can't wait to see all the crafts you have been doing as well as baking with Lewis smiley


Ben it's lovely to hear that you are working every day - keep it up along with the fun things yes


Evie and Florie both of you sound as though you are keeping busy completing the work as well as doing fun activities too, so well done! smiley


Keep sending in your messages - we are working on a solution to the problem with receiving photos at the moment.  Missing you all  x

Hi Year 6


Mrs Fowler, Mrs Howell and myself are all missing you and hearing all your exciting news. We hope you are making the most of this extra time off, spending time with your families and doing activities that you enjoy (reading for pleasure, drawing, baking, playing on your game consoles, playing board games).


Please remember we would love to hear from as many of you as possible and see some of the great things you have been doing so email (via the school office email)  photos of your diary covers, cakes or biscuits even dinner you might have helped make or just you and family having fun playing together.


I will post photos of things I have been doing and if Mrs Howell and Mrs Fowler send me photos of them I will post those too. Come on we need to hear from as many of you as possible so get emailing - (good practise for your computing skills too!)

Easter Challenge Work





Year 6 Classroom Secrets Workbook

Thought you might like a LEGO Challenge

Chartwells 'Super Yummy Kitchen'

Virtual Class Assembly


Every Thursday at 10am

Learning at home………


Here are some suggestions of activities that we feel would be beneficial for the pupils to undertake:


Read! Read! Read! Please ensure that children are both read to heard read frequently. This can be reading anything ie, magazines, comics, newsround, recipes. The more children read (or are read to) the more words they know and the easier they learn. Whilst children reading independently can be beneficial, it is really important that an adult listens to thm read to check errors – this even applies in years 5 and 6. Please take the time to discuss the story/book, explain unknown words and then try and use them later in the week.


Practise number bonds (numbers that you add together to make 10, 20, 100, 1000 and any numbers in between!) Cbeebies/Numberblocks episodes are great for this. If you search number bonds online, there will be lots of activities online for this.


Counting – Please take every opportunity to count. Not just in ones (twos, fives, tens – any number)! You can do this in fun ways e.g through movement, cooking, tidying away.


Times tables – Please ensure children in Year 2 – 6 are practising these frequently. Knowing times tables has a huge impact on what they can do in Maths. Children who know them are generally better mathematicians. There are a range of games online.


Playboard games and card games – talk to them about strategy and logic. Any games that promote discussion, counting or other skills.


Cooking or any food preparation, particularly measuring and weighing. This is also a good opportunity to promote new words.


Drawing and writing – Take the opportunity for children to draw and/or write notes for others. They could write a story or a book for a younger sibling or relation. They could help you with a shopping list and/or write their own recipe.  They could do some research on the internet and make a non-fiction book or presentation on something they are interested in.


Reinforce common sequences e.g days of the week, months of the year. Can they tell you which moth/day comes before/after? Do they know when their birthday is? Can you teach them this?


Practical skills – tying shoe laces, buttons, cutting, threading, using a knife and fork. All of these things will help with their handwriting skills.


If you have a garden, encourage them to be active. Can they help get the garden ready for spring? Can you plant anything?


Keep them active with challenges – e.g how many star jumps in a minute, how long can they balance on one foot for, can they plank? Go Noodle is a good source for videos for children to keep active. Cosmic Yoga videos are available on YouTube.


Anything that adds to their wider general knowledge: countries of the world, flags, capital cities, rivers, languages, historical events, knowledge of the local area.


Can they make a family tree? How was life different for ancestors?


If you are watching films – pause them and discuss them. Why are characters doing certain things? Would you do the same?

You could use these web pages to keep the children busy should the school close or if you self isolate.


Online book library


Family Fit Club -


The above attachment details the free online resources your children and their families can access through Medway Libraries, and other free educational/literacy websites you may find useful.