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R.E & Collective Worship

Term 4 - Salvation 

Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter garden?


Week 1 - Who is Jesus? 


Re-cap with your child some of the stories about Jesus we heard last term. What do they know about him? What can they remember?


Use the outline of Jesus attached below to draw or write words to describe the sort of person Jesus was. 


e.g. friend, kind, share, peace, love, made people better, forgiveness 



In Grace's Bible, it tells her that the name Jesus means 'He saves'. Where have you heard the word 'save' before? Use the pictures below to help you think about this word. 

The Goalkeeper saved the goal. This stopped the other team from winning.

The dog and the person needed saving from danger. The dog had got lost and fallen into the river. If the rescue person had not been there, then things might have ended up badly for the dog and the person.


Grace knows that Jesus came to the world to save those who are lost, in danger or made wrong choices. This is because God loves everyone. That is why his name means ‘He saves’.

Collective Worship

These plans are designed for the whole school. Please adapt them to suit your child.