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Quarantine Work

Work for the 2 weeks beginning 7-12-20

Hello again, I hope you have all been busy reading, learning spellings and practising those tables and the inverse!

I have uploaded some more work for you to keep going with, some of it is Christmas based (maths co-ordinates - remember the rule for co-ordinates is 'Along the corridor and then up/down the stairs' - which are across 4 quadrants).

There is a poem for handwriting practise, a DERICA and a character description (from the book 'A Christmas Carol') however if you do not have this book you can use the information in the DERICA to write your character description.

Work for week beginning 30-11-20


I have uploaded Term 2 Spellings (incase you do not have your spelling books at home) and this week you need to learn 'Homophones 2'. Please also make sure that you are looking up the definitions and writing them down, finding synonyms and antonyms (if applicable) and make sure you know the correct spelling if you were to hear them in a sentence.


Also I would like you to make sure you are still reading at least 4 times a week (discussing any unfamiliar vocabulary and thinking about why the author has used certain words, the ways sentences have been started etc as this all helps with your own creative writing.


I have put some English on and we are starting our new book to use up to Christmas. I will endeavour to scan the whole book in and put on here as a power-point for you to read (and use for DERICAs) and other types of writing for the next few weeks.


Maths is still fractions. You will need to log on to the White Rose website and watch the video clips I tell you and then work through as instructed. I will also put a work booklet on for you to use over the week.  The link is 


For homework last week I set a for you to complete and also a fractions assessment for you to complete. Please make sure you use the log ins that are stuck in the back of your contact books to log in and complete these.


If you have any questions you can email me on the class email:



I hope you continue to stay well and look forward to seeing you back at school soon.


Mrs Scanlon


The few new bits (Homeless Man image and poem can be used as handwriting practise also with the image you need to write adjectives and expanded noun phrases around it to describe him and his emotions. Then you use some of these to write a poem. The poem could be a Haiku which has 3 lines (with 5, 7, 5 syllables) or a two verse poem of 4 lines each with 2 rhyming lines (e.g. line 1 and 3 rhyme or 2 and 4 rhyme). There is another DERICA about Cliffe Pools as well.

Work book for Maths and English

Please only work on the 'rounding numbers', identifying word classes and the passive voice.

These are all things we have been covering in class.


Thank you

Maths work W/B 14-9-20 (Place Value unit)

This week we are starting on our Addition and Subtraction unit and the work in the booklet will be the type of things we will be covering in class. You do not need to print this out you can use it online and just copy out the questions on paper.