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Working from home and quarantine Work

You will find children's work and links to support pages here, just in case you are working at home.

During the first few weeks we looked at place value and can be good revision for you.

Here is a link to Oak Academy where you can find some work during quarantine.


I have also attached a booklet that can be downloaded.

We are looking at biographies in English and have started with Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Find out as much as you can about him using the internet or books. Tomorrow I will post a success criteria for you to try to write the biography.

Complete the x table square. It doesn't need to be timed (3 Mins) just make sure that it is completed.

This week we are learning about multiples and factors.

Here is the link to the  Oak academy learning slides.



If you found your information about Isambard Kingdom Brunel try writing your biography. Below is a set of success criteria, in the form of a plan, for you to follow.

Today we are looking at factors please look at the sheet below, the answers are there for when you finish.