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Working from home and quarantine Work 2021

Thought I would share this with you, some lovely activities for PSHE. You could try and complete all the tasks on the correct day.

Here is a copy in case you would like to download it.

On this document are 40 ideas for acts of kindness, try doing one a day during Lent. (This is a large file so I would suggest looking at it, but not to print it.)

Below is the planning for the week.

Maths teaching slides, true or false questions and worksheets for Monday. There is some revision as well.

Here is my edit of the English, it might help you with your version.

Maths Friday, arithmetic test.

Here are the English documents,

If you finish the work set then you could go to,, or Purple Mash where some additional work has been set. You could also practice your writing skills and complete a description of Mulan. Remember to use lots of fantastic vocabulary, punctuation and make it interesting for me to read. (About a page please.) Have fun and I look forward to seeing your work.

Here are some ideas for Physical education at home:

The Football Association has put together a range of football based activities to complete at home- with links to Disney, maths and mental health.

Link page on Kent Sport for a range of really excellent resources. For example, the 'This Girl Can' website has Disney dance videos.

Lots of different ideas about how to take learning outdoors - something that may be a bit of a lifeline for parents struggling with learning at home. 

Here is a link to some other ideas for PE that you can do indoors.


This work was completed during term one, but if you would like a little recap then the booklet is below.

Complete the x table square. Remember we time this (3 Mins) then count the squares not filled in. If you get below three minutes write down the time and WELL DONE.