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Quarantine Work

Quarantine Work 


Should your child need to quarantine during this academic year as a result of Covid-19 you should use the resources provided online by the Oak National Academy to support your child's learning at home.



Using the Oak National Academy




The following units are appropriate for Term 4 in Reception. I would encourage you to choose units/stories that you feel would interest your child in order to support their learning. Each unit contains two-three weeks worth of lessons. 


-The Gingerbread Man

-Persuasion: Buy My Gingerbread 

-The Three Little Pigs 

-Goldilocks and the Three Bears 

-The Giant Turnip 




For Term 4 the following unit is appropriate for Reception. This unit contains two-three weeks worth of lessons.


-Numbers within 15

-Grouping and Sharing

-Numbers within 20


Music, RHE, Understanding the World 


For Term 4, the following units are appropriate:



-Same and Different 

-Growing / Spring / Habitats / Woodland 

Additional Resources


The following resources can be used alongside or in addition to the Oak National Academy lessons. Further links and resources may be found under the 'School Closure' tab on the main Willow Class page.