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Netball Mini Youth Games

Well done team St Helen's for coming 2nd place in the Mini Youth Games tournament.


We had such an amazing day at the Mini Youth Games Netball tournament.  The pupils were outstanding in performance, behaviour and learning throughout the day.  


Each player brought their own skills and added them to the team to make an unstoppable force!  Through the 8 games the 3 girls played every second and the boys played half a game each.  We conceded 0 goals throughout the tournament which is virtually unheard off historically.  At the other end of the court we just kept scoring and managed to score 29 goals in total.


Some special mentions for each player:

Lucas, William and Noah were amazing in defence and played hard but fairly and were so influential in keeping a clean score sheet.


Phoebe and Joseph were our key scorers and found it harder to miss than get it in.


Holly and Beau worked tirelessly in marking and linking the defence to the attackers. 


The pupils were asked to nominate a boy and girl Most Valuable Players and here are the results:


Phoebe x 4 votes

Holly x 2 votes

Beau x 2 votes


Lucas x 2 votes

Joseph's x 2 votes

Noah x 2 votes 

William x 2 votes


As you can see everyone had a massive impact on the team's effort.