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Birthday adventures - 1st July

Yummy breakfast - made by Miss Scanlon
Penny enjoying Whitstable beach in the evening
First ever Oysters for me and my son - yummy again
Hot donuts - just have to have those at the beach!
Fish and Chips in the car before home
What a great birthday with my family!

Week 1


So what a strange week, being in school for 3 days but without a class to teach does not seem right.

My free time at home has been spent, looking at emails from some of you and uploading photos of you on to our class page, texting Mrs Fowler and Mrs Howell, marking some of your work on Purple Mash and making sure you have your work set for the week.

I have been busy in my house, painting the walls of my new extension (falling off the ladder - no real damage just a few bruises!) walking Penny during my one trip out some days and of course like lots of your mums (I expect) getting all the washing done and hanging it out in the sunshine.

Of course we are missing you all but hope you are staying safe, enjoying family time and spending some time on school work.

Week 2


Can I just say 'THANK YOU' to all the parents who have sent in messages telling us what the children are doing and how they are coping living in such strange circumstances.

We love to hear about them all as we miss all their news and stories. Please keep sending in your photos and emails. For those children who have been a little poorly with throat infections and things I am really pleased that you are all well again now. 

Keep checking in with us as new photos and things go on daily. Stay safe, keep busy and keep smiling.


Mrs Scanlon


Afternoon year 6 - it is lovely to hear from so many of you with the help of your parents. It looks like some of you are fabulous cooks and bakers - all those dinners and delicious cakes, custard tarts (which I really enjoyed in Lisbon) and cookies. Miss Scanlon and myself are going to do some baking later so watch this space for a video!

I hope you are all keeping well, remember to join in with Joe Wicks at 9.00 in the mornings for PE (I;m doing that on the days I'm not in school) and I hope you are enjoying the new book that we had for English.

Week 3


Happy Easter to you all. Well that's the strangest first week of Easter Holidays that I have ever had! I managed to keep busy finishing all my decorating in the extension and putting some of the furniture in. I've also been out in the garden just tidying and emptying out pots and hanging baskets. Penny has been enjoying having company at home all the time although she still sleeps for most of the day! I have been keeping in touch with Mrs Howell and Mrs Fowler, finding out what they have been up to and receiving photos from them. 

For some rest time I have been reading and managed to read 3 books last week in between  my chores (washing, ironing and cleaning).

I hope you are all having a lovely Easter break and I know that along with myself, Mrs Fowler and Mrs Howell are missing you all and we really can't wait to get back to school and be back to normal (whatever that is).

Don't forget to keep sending in photos for our Class 'blog page' and it would be lovely to know how you are doing with your diaries.

Keep Safe and enjoy Easter. smiley

Week 4


Well these are still very strange times that we find ourselves in and I have to tell you that I (and I know Mrs Fowler and Mrs Howell) miss you all very much and wish that we could be back in school. 

Being at home is lovely for a short time (Easter holidays) however trying to think of exciting things I can give you to do (when I know you cannot really go out!) is very tricky, nevertheless I also know that there are things in our curriculum that we have not covered and therefore I am trying to set these for you to have a go at.

Life in my house is probably much the same as yours - my son was poorly for a couple of weeks and had to isolate and then once he was nearly better and started back to his delivering for Ocado Miss Scanlon got poorly. Hopefully now we will all remain healthy and be able to go out for a walk with Penny (she is fed up as she's had no walks) although we tend to go when it is not busy outside and where nobody else will be.

I have loved receiving all your photos and work on-line (which I have marked) and news from your parents. I am extremely proud of you all for being brave at this difficult time and especially some of you that I know have had to cope with some very sad events. I really hope that you can all stay focussed, be good for your parents and try to fit in some of the school work that I have set.

I really hope to see you all soon.


Mrs Scanlon

Week 5




I hope you are all really well and staying safe. So we are another week into 'shutdown' and I still seem to have a list of jobs that goes on and on!


I have been going in to school a couple of days with Miss Scanlon and Mrs Warburton to look after those children who have had to come in as their parents are front line workers and we had a cinema day last week and watched Disney Movies in the hall with them. Apart from this I have been working at home typing up reports, some online CPD training and then of course sorting out work for you all and marking it.


In my house I have now decorated my kitchen and chopped down a tree at the bottom of my garden. I still have lots to do, but keeping busy is helping me to stay calm and relaxed. I have also now read 10 books (I hope you are all reading lots) re-watched some of my favourite 'old' tv series on  BBC Iplayer and watched some Disney movies with Miss Scanlon.


This weekend I have a family quiz night (via zoom) with my sister and her husband, my niece, my nephew and his fiancée who all live in Cheshire. Miss Scanlon and I have to come up with a team name (my son cannot join in as he will be working). It will be lovely to see my family as we do not see each other very often (due to the distance) but at least we will have fun for a few hours (fingers crossed I WIN!).


I am so PROUD of all you children who are continuing to complete the work that I am setting for you both in your booklets and online. It really makes my day when I receive emails forwarded to me from the office with photos of you and messages from you and your parents. I love to hear and see what you are doing, new skills/crafts you have learnt during lockdown, games you are playing, cakes/biscuits you have made.  I have learnt a few new DIY skills so I am really happy about that and Miss Scanlon has learnt some new skills too (doing her own acrylic nails and painting mine!).


I really am looking forward to seeing you all soon and hopefully we will be able to get back into school although it may be very different in class. I will put some more photos or things I have been up to soon.

Missing you all!

Mrs Scanlon



My first time out (except for school) in 4 weeks
A little stroll with Penny enjoying my ice lolly
Quiz night with my family in Cheshire
'Castleford Tigers' supports - hence the masks!
Lovely to have some family fun
What a fab VE Day afternoon tea - yummy!
Mr and Mrs Howell enjoying VE Day

Week 6

At the end of last week it was lovely to go with Miss Scanlon to deliver (social distancing of course) some prizes for some of her Year 2 children who won the quiz created similar to our Time Travel Quiz. I also delivered a prize for Mia as she sent in her answers for our quiz. It was lovely to see some many happy children and their parents.


So at the weekend Miss Scanlon and I had a family quiz night with our family who live in Cheshire. It was lovely to actually see them as well as speak to them and despite coming last in the quiz we had lots of fun! (The quiz was bias as lots of northern based questions to do with Rugby League which they are huge supporters of - Castleford Tigers especially that's why they were wearing their masks!) I think Miss Scanlon is going to make the next quiz and we will organise it for when my son is not working and he can be on my team.


We enjoyed the sun in the garden on VE Day like many of you I would think and I saw photos of other staff having their picnics (including Mrs Howell and her husband). For the rest of the week it was fairly quiet, I read, did some more CPD courses online for school, moved some furniture in my house and ordered Miss Scanlon's birthday presents ready for next Tuesday.


Have a good week this week and think about the fact we may be back to school in a few  weeks (lets see what Boris has to say later in the week).





Photo gallery

Mrs Howell reading to her dog!
Mrs Fowlers search for fire wood
wood collecting complete!
Mrs Fowler's sunny Saturday stroll around the farm
Nearly done just need the tv on the wall now
just the doors left to paint!
These nails need to go but no nail shops open ...!
me time - wrapped to soak polish off - so dull!
Penny having a bath after a muddy walk
Penny does not like baths!
Penny having a blow dry
Pampered pooch getting a brush

Mrs Howell's knitting quiz

What do you think Mrs Howell has knitted?
Hers's the answer - well done Mrs Howell!

Mrs Fowler's been baking

Making the dough
All ready to shape up
In bags and left to prove
In the oven cooking
Finally, bread rolls

TIME TRAVEL - My poster