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Here is my attempt to make a character using household items. Its one of the tasks for Fridays afternoon session. I used a washing powder scoop and some paper.

3.4.20 I've been into school and the fish, Harry, Harmione and Ron are doing well, I've given them the holiday food block and they will be just fine until I get in after Easter. I have also checked on the plants and they are thriving.

2.4.20 I've just mended my daughters dress. It's one of her favourites.

2.4.20 This is my reading corner; I'm reading a book all about dragons.

Thanks to Phoebe in Year 3, I now have some seedlings to put in the garden that will attract the bees.

Apart from looking at your work and getting ready for next week, I have planted some seeds: tomatoes, salad leaves, some herbs and chilies.